About Arched Window Treatments

Having arched windows is a beautiful and unique to your home because of the elegance odd shape but it is still looks good. But many people sometimes confuse how to treat it due to the odd shape. If you do not mind about your home privacy, it is okay to not covering the arched window and living it bare, but if privacy is your important things we will give you the best ways about arched window treatments to deal with it.

What could you do for arched window treatments?

For normal shape window, you usually cover it with curtains, right? Well, you could do it too on your arched windows. It is the commonly treatment for arched windows. How to do it? It is very simples, just hang some straight panel on above your arched window, and find a panel with a maximum length for entire wall of the window. Next, you should hang your beautiful curtain to cover the entire wall and the arched windows. It is easy, isn’t it? So when you open the curtains, it will be hang on the side of the wall, and you could tie it with some tie back.

But for the single arched window just find curtain which covered only the arched windows, not the entire wall. So when you open the curtain it will show the entire unique shape of the arched windows. Next for arched window treatments is try to use some lead glass which you usually find at churches. This lead glass is take a lot cost, but it have a beautiful and unique decoration for your arched window because the colorful design and it keep your privacy and still give you enough sunlight. But you should be careful because if the lead glass is broken, it is very difficult to repair it.

The easy way to treat your arched windows is use some shades. You could cut the fabric’s shades as big as the arched windows size to covering the upper part side of the arched windows, and to cover the bottom part just pick your beautiful material which match with the shades.

The last is tried to use a shutter. We will give you two kind of shutter: first is custom shutter which match with the curve of the arched windows. And second is wooden shutter which make your arched windows more attractive. Put on the shutter so that when you open the shutter it will be on the side of the arched windows. And choose a window’s scarf that suit with the arched windows to hang on the arched part. You could use hooks to do it. Just put the hook on the two sides of the arched windows and put one on the above side.

curtain for single arched window

There are a lot of arched window treatments, you could make your other experiment to do it and be creative. Arched window treatmentswill be easyto find. So do not hesitate to have arched windows for your home because it will give you more attractive design to your home.