About Living Room Curtain Ideas

Make your living room attractive and have a pleasant feels sometimes is a difficult way. One of the important thing and essential to make your living room more attractive is how smart you choose the curtains. Regarding how to choose the right curtains to your windows it is not easy because you confuse about how to keep your home privacy, keep the room from the sunlight, plus how to keep it looks beautiful. So we will give you extra tips about living room curtain ideas.

What do you need to consider about your living room curtains?

The important thing for living room curtains idea is you should look the material of the curtains. For example, when you want your living room’s curtains to be the center of attention, you should pick bright fabric’s color to your curtain. When you think to give the simple design, just choose some neutral fabric’s color or sheer. Other essential thing is the size of the curtains. The size of the curtains should not too long or sort to your windows. So think carefully about it before you decide.

What kind of living room curtains idea?

Living room curtains idea depend on your living room’s decoration. If you have living room with calm and cool decoration, you could choose the linen crème and wheat color to your curtains. It will bring neutral and gentle looks to your living room. For your new and old living room with your up to date graphics, you could choose light blue color for your curtains combine with the metallic rod. It will make your living room looks not too crispy.

More over to make your contemporary living room attractive, pick high contrast color such as bright pink and blue for your curtains. You could combine it with living room furniture like yellow rug and green sofa. Believe us that will make your living room looks great!

Is there any living room curtains idea?

Another idea is choose a long panel and combine it with valance. It makes your window looks attractively. Next is you could choose some bamboo covering windows because is simple, easy, and match with many living room decorations. Sheer is one of the best to living room curtains idea. With ityour living room looks clean and simple. You could put the sheer behind double mounted curtains rod. This combination looks great and matches with many living room decoration and paint color with their neutral color.

For small window, you could choose Roman shades because it matches with the window and you could choose formal and casual design for it. For extra tips you should hang the curtain on the top of the wall and let the curtain reach the bottom of the floor because it will give you dramatic style and statelier.

There are a lot of treatments for your windows. Beside those ideas that we mention above, you could try your own experiment for living room curtains idea. And do not forget or hesitate to share with us! We will welcome you, so have a try!