About New Paint Colors for 2010

When you are boring with your old style and decoration’s home, first think you should do is changing it. But sometimes change your furniture’s home take a lot of money. So the best way to change your home’s design is just changing your old wall’s color with the new paint color to make it fresh and renew, plus it did not take more money. For 2010, expert and paint company already predict what paints color that will be popular among peoples. So we will discuss about new paint colors for 2010 and for the extra information such as paint the most popular colors paint for 2012 that will be remain for years.

What’s popular for 2010?

We will give you a list for what’s popular new paint color for 2010:

  • Yellow = many expert believe that yellow will be popular as the new paint color for 2010. Color’s expert like Benjamin Moore even predict yellow and gold color’s paint will the most popular paint that peoples seek. It happen because yellow will bring fresh look and bright the days. Yellow represent happiness and make our mood get better. Yellows give a warmth feeling like sunlight.

    Hot Paint Colors for 2010 2012

  • Blue = there are a lot of kind of blue paints. On 2010 blue paints will come back with the fresh look after down for years.
  • Green will mix with yellow = for years color paints for wall’s home dominated by sage green, but on 2010 there will be a new mixing color between green and yellow. This matching color will take the popularity.
  • Aqua = this color will remain until year 2011. So the aqua’s color is the most recommended color paints for you.
  • Red will mix with the white = these are the other mixing color paints that will be popular on 2010.
  • Lavender = for your bathroom this color will match for it because bring the warmth feeling. So you should have a try!
  • Gray = this color has been recommended on 2010 for popular color paints.

The color which we mention above are a few color paints that will be new paint color for 2010.

What’s new for 2012?

For 2012, we will give you some extra popular color paints for it and there are colors from 2010 that last until 2012:

  • Yellow = again, this color will take a lead on 2012 new paint color.
  • Gray = after we saw it popular on 2010, this color remain until 2012. That’s why this color is recommended for you.
  • Off White = these color become a popular issue on 2012.
  • Green = Green like sage green will be popular on 2012. Even Martha Stewart love sage green! This color will suit for your kitchen room.
  • Blue = this commonly color paints remain until last.
  • Orange and Gold = this bright color bring happiness and laugh to your home.

These are paint colors which popular and match with your home for new paint color for 2010 and 2012. And you should not hesitate to take some experiment for your paint colors, after all when you feel not satisfied with the result, you could paint it again. So have a try!