ADA Requirements for Bathrooms

The Americans with Disabilities Act or most people know with ADA is a federal law which made so that people   with disabilities could also get the same service and work opportunity as everybody else. This act was passed on July 26, 1990 and starts to be effective on January 26, 1992.

What changes with this regulation?

With these regulations all commercial bathrooms available at public places, whether it is newly build or old one must meet all the requirements so that it can be use by people with disabilities. Commercial bathroom including private places but also used for business place, washroom accommodate for public use, and house that hold a lot of family in it. They have to provide bathroom facilities that could be reach by people that use wheel chair. The door of the bathroom should be at least thirty two inches wide and should not have any object in front of it, so the wheel chair could enter it.

What are ADA Requirements for Bathrooms?

ADA requirements for bathrooms

There are some part of bathroom that has too meet ADA regulation, they are:
1.    Faucets
ADA Requirements for Bathrooms faucets, the one that approved by ADA is the automatic type, touch type, lever type, or the push type. Especially for the automatic one, the water must flow for at least ten seconds.
2.    Urinals
ADA Requirements for Bathrooms urinals must not be install more than seventeen inches above the floor.
3.    Mirror
ADA Requirements for Bathrooms mirror located above the countertop or sink, must not more than fourthly inches above the floor. For the mirror that do not located above the countertop or sink then, it must not more than thirty five inches above the floor.
4.    Bathtub Grab Bars
ADA Requirements for Bathroomsgrab bars for bathtub must be at least twenty four inches long. It should be located above the lip of the tub the one that has tub water control, and it should not more than ten inches above the lip.

ADA requirements for bathrooms Grab Bars

5.    Toilet Stall Grab Bars
ADA Requirements for Bathrooms grab bars located inside the toilet stalls must be at least forty two inches long. And it must be no more than twelve inches far from the rear wall. As for the grab bar located on the rear walls must be at least thirty six inches long and must be located on the side of the toilet stalls twelve inches far from the center of the stall for one side, and twenty four inches for another side.
6.    Dispensers
ADA Requirements for Bathrooms dispensers must be no more than forty eight inches above the floor and must not have any object in front of it so that it could be use from the front side. If there are objects that prevent the use from the front side, an adjustment should be done accordingly.

The ADA Requirements for Bathrooms is provided so that all of people could use the toilet provided in any public places. We need to look after the public facility so that we could use it comfortably. You could also apply these regulations on the bathroom inside your house. To provide maximum service to your quest.