Answers You Need for How Much Does It Cost to Add a Bathroom?

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When you might plan to add a bathroom in your home, there will be a question that comes up in your mind. “How much does it cost to add a bathroom?” will be a common question that comes up in your mind when you plan to add or to remodel certain room or area in your house? So, what you will need to consider?

The first thing that will be quite important is determine what kind of bathroom that you want to add to your home as different kind of bathroom will bring different value to your home. You will find two types of bathroom: a full bathroom and a half-bathroom. Those are two different types that will add different value.

How much does It Cost to Add a Bathroom – First to Consider

Later you will find out that half-bathroom will bring you inexpensive cost and suitable for those who has only limited budget. On the other hand a full bathroom will be more expensive and will add more value than a half-bathroom. Moreover, you will need to consider whether your home fit to one of those types. A luxury home will need a full bad with luxury accent as well, while a plain home with plain room will only need a half-bathroom.

Several Things to Consider When Adding a Bathroom

How much does it cost to add a bathroom? It will be the question that will lead you to the average cost of converting your room to a bathroom or just adding a bathroom. For converting only, you will have it for around $3,000 to $6,000. If you might need to add a bathroom that is distance away from plumbing you will probably need between $7,000 and $25,000. Those are further about cost needed to add a bathroom. A bit more, you will also find that it will cost for around $25,000 to $50,000 to add additional floor space to add a bathroom in your home.

Different Budget Plan for Different Bathroom Type

Those costs will vary depend on the complexity and local labor rates. You might need professional help you add a bathroom in your home if you are not familiar with do-it-yourself projects that will lower cost needed to add a bathroom. However, it is recommended to have professional help to make you sure that your bathroom meets local building codes.

Many Choices of Full Bathroom

In addition to labor and general cost needed to add a bathroom you will find the answer of “How much does it cost to add a bathroom” will bring you information regarding some parts needed to add a bathroom.

  • Drywall. It will cost you for about $10 square per foot. You will also consider the budget for mud, tape and screws as you will need it when apply drywall.
  • Shower Pan. This part of a bathroom will cost you between $100 and $300.
  • Toilet. If you plan for it, you will need to pay for $100 for the efficient and $1,000 for the fancy one.