Apartment Living Room Ideas

Some people do not live in a regular house, some are choosing to stay in apartment. Apartment has not much room to accommodate a lot of stuffs. But, comfort in the apartment living room must also be considered. Thinking some apartment living room design ideas for your apartment living room. The first of all, think about the function of the room you want. You can use the small space in your apartment living room to make cozy and relax mood inside by some tips and tricks. Make a plan for apartment living room ideas and create a list of all the items that you need to decorate your tiny living room became restful and comfortable room you wanted.

Apartment living room ideas for color themes


Some color can gives some illusion effects. Avoid using darker and bold painting colors in your small living room. It can give a smaller effect to your tiny living room. If you want to give the guests an illusion of larger room, use pale and light tones may help. To create the effect of light and more space shades your walls with lighter colors.

Apartment living room ideas for furniture


If your apartment living room has a double function as a bedroom. Let’s find out some furniture that can be multi functional in a smaller size. Multi functional furniture can help you to save more budget and space. Choose a sofa bed is the right solution. The sofa bed can easily adapt for seating when your guests come over to visit you, and when you are ready to go to sleep, it can be transform into your bed.


Small table side also gives some benefits, you can put a wireless telephone or put a stylish side lamp on it. To put a cup of coffee or other things, you can add desk-cube in your small living room. It cannot expand much space and will take up minimal space. Organize the placement of furniture may be help to minimize using much space. Put your living room sets in L-shaped is the best shaped that can help to make your living room look larger.

Apartment living room ideas for flooring


Create your living room more comfortable with adding rugs in the floor. Rugs with soft design and cozy materials will be the best option to flooring your living room. Use some soft materials such us, cotton or silk.

Apartment living room ideas for decorating


Use some photograph to decorate your living room walls. Choose a favorite photo like family photos in vacation. Use the beautify frames in right size. Do not put much accessories in your small living room walls, it just make your small living room look messy. Hang a mirror in the middle of the walls to gives the illusion. Use mirror as accessories can help create larger look to your living room.

You can always looking for new apartment living room ideas on home design magazines or you can type in search engine on internet.