Architect Job Description

Are you interested to be architect? Actually, if someone asks you about architect job description, what is on your mind? Can you imagine what does usually an architect do in their job? Referring to the definition of the architect itself, it is a person who always works in the structure and also the building plan when someone wants to build a house. In this case, an architect should make an estimation of the price and also the material that is needed for making the house. Then, that architect should make an illustration of the home shape that is going to be built. In this case, it is totally different with the job description of the interior designer. In the interior designer, they make a design interior that can make your house beautiful but an architect do the basic construction of making the house as it has been explained before.

How busy they are

Requirements for an Architect

To be an architect, you should have good skill and also good knowledge since it take an important role to make a building. That is why education is needed for this thing. An architect should have passed bachelor degree which takes 5 years. Then if they want to, they can take a continuance of their study in professional undergraduate degree. Those qualifications should be enough for those who want to be a good architect.

Job Description of an Architect

Architect job description covers several jobs. Those are:

  1. If someone will build a house, then an architect should gather information which is related to the house design which are making the shape of the house, estimate how many rooms that want to be build and what kind of house that they want to build. These things have to consult with the owner of the house since they make a house with the owner desire. Besides, the material and also the estimation of those prices that they are going to use is also one of the part of architect job description.

    The house drawing

  2. They should estimate the time when should it be done. So, they have to estimate and make a plan the work of making the house of the building. It is an important since the customer satisfying will be seen from this part.
  3. Sometimes, architect take a role as a leader of some project in building a house as that person is the only one who makes the structure of the house so it will be simple if that architect is took a position as the leader in the house building project.
  4. Architect usually has a community and also the office. Sometimes, they serve a consultation of the costumer in their office and also they serve a drawing structure of a house.

    The example of the architect drawing

Over all, Architect job description takes an important role in the basic step of making the house. Those architect job decriptions can be underestimated since the main foundation of the structure in a new house depends on the architect job description. If you want to have a good basic construction in your house, architect will be the good choice for your house. Then, what are you waiting for?