Area Rugs For Designing Living Room

What is rug ? Rug refers to and a part of. Rug is a cover ‘s textile floor that is made from various materials like wool, cotton, sisal, jute, olefin, nylon and rayon etc. All this materials can be natural or synthetics. Each of this materials have their own advantages examples wool, are a better choice, wool last longer and are better quality. While materials from synthetic easily affordable and nowadays offer a wide range of choices. If you are planning to covering the floor by layouting of a room with rugs this some suggestions to guide you.

Sizing a rug, choosing wrong size of rugs can make the room look incomplete or poorly decorated.
First, deciding  good place to covered. For a larger area, decide what furniture will you placed on top; make sure the rug’s size is large enough to accommodate all furniture’s, at least 12 inches of rug extending beyond the edge of the furniture’s. Other alternative, make sure the rug is small enough so the furniture will rest completely off the edges. For example, in a living room, the rug should extend a foot beyond all sofas and tables, or it’s small enough so that the front legs of the sofas do not rest on the rug. While sizing your rug, don’t forget to consider distance from the wall. Usually, the rug will end at least a foot from the edge of the wall.But this is not a important thing when you planned area rugs for living room.

How to Size Your Room for an Area Rug

Plan your shape’s rug  to purchase. A rectangular, oval, round or square or other unique shape.
Rectangular rug, fit your space than an oval rug, and you may choose this two types of shape one. Rectangular and square rugs are so ideal for rectangular and square spaces, but a room with odd corners might better with a rug with round edges. It will give a nice, balanced feel to a room with many corners. Round rugs are measured similarly to rectangular rugs, and the length corresponds with the diameter. The size of your rug can affect and determine your feeling of a room, so choosing the proper dimensions. Don’t forget to think of the rugs quality, do you want the best one or a rugs with a quality almost same with the best quality rugs but the prices is more cheaper. Try to do window shopping before make sure what rugs do you want.



Budget. Maybe this suggestion is always be number one while we planned to reconstruct our home.
Do you willing to invest in a quality rug? A natural fiber rug such as wool or silk, could cost you considerably more than a synthetic rug, but if you just need an attractive floor covering with some ornament or colorful rug and not care about very high quality at the moment a synthetic fiber is a better choice.