Basement Ideas For Your Residence

The basement of many houses may be used as utility space where you can save a lot of unused stuffs, air-conditioning system, cables conduit and park your car. It maybe cluttered with many plumbing, wiring, and unused boxes. And you do not give much attention in your basement decoration and caused it look dull and mess.

Did you know? The basement has a big potential to offer a lot of space that you can used as living space. You do not realize that if your basement has cluttered and dirty. But, if you want to clean it up, it can be the one comfort place in your home.

You can use it as an additional bedroom, home office, family room, workout room, gaming room or a romantic private place. The first thing you must have is a big ambition and great creativity. Keep in your mind the big ideas you want to create on your basement.

With the information below, I will offer you basement ideas for your residence:

Planning the function of your basement

Planning is the best key to start renovates your basement. Plan the function of your basement can help you to decide the next action you will doing. If the home office is the ideas in your mind, consider the furniture and the themes to make the comfortable office.  If you want make your basement become an additional bedroom, the well-ventilate can gives extra fresh airy in your room.


The other basement ideas for your residence is use it as a prayer room. The basement is the best place to keep away from noise and can be the meditation place.

Entertainment room also becomes popular basement ideas. Have two comfortable couches and a plasma TV on the wall. You can bring the joy and fun in this room for your family.

You also can placing some games such as; pool table, poker table, chess table, jigsaw, and scrabbles. It can make your basement become hobby and gaming center of your room.


Impress your guests with have the guest’s room on the basement. Having a guests room below in ground floor is the unique things and different in each other.

Place the kitchen bar with small refrigeration can gives enjoy and romantic appeal in your basement. This place can be the best for you and your couple spending time together.

Basement renovation ideas for your residence

If you have done decide the best plan for your basement, it is the great time to doing renovation. The renovation in the walls, ceiling, flooring and lighting must be suitable with your basement ideas. You must be waterproofing your basement walls to prevent water come in. table and floor lamps can be the additional lighting on your basement. Choose the durable flooring such as; hardwood and carpet makes a comfortable and attractive solution.


Your basement ideas should be true to your own preference and taste. Choose the right one that can be makes you comfort and enjoy.