Basement Moisture – Causes And Solutions

Basement in your house is usually use as a utility space. It usually used to save a lot of unused stuffs, air-conditioning system, breaker or fuse box panel, furnace, water heater, and cable conduits. Sometimes, it also used as parking area, an additional bedroom or to save the wine in it for a long time.

Humidity and wet condition are often as a major problem in basement. The cracks caused water let in your basement. Wet basement can cause the mold and mildew quickly grows up. It can be threatened you and your family healthy.


Sometimes, you do not give a much attention for the basement moisture. But, if you always ignore that, it can be a big and bigger problem. It can be caused damaged in your walls, foundation, and floors. And the worst thing, it can destroy your house and destroying your health.

The right way to prevent it happen knows the causes and solutions. You can get the solutions, if you have to find the causes. So, search the possibility causes and get the solutions about that.

The big problem is when the heavy rains come. The heavy down rain can cause leakage. You must be always keep the window closed to prevent water come in. waterproofing your basement also can keep away the mold and mildew grow up.

Basement moisture also caused from the leaks in plumbing and pipes. Repair the broken pipes as soon as possible. You cannot ignore that because it can be cause the big problem and severe respiratory problems.

Window wells in your basement should be the first action to prevent the water come in. but, the faulty window wells can caused the basement moisture. Keep away the waters from your house as much as possible with well-designed window wells. It can be push the water away from your house foundation. Repair your leaky windows, or replace your old windows with the new one.


Basement moisture often comes from condensation. Do not worry, you can fix it really fast and simply. The condensation is there are sweating pipes or of the lack of air in the basement. The solution of this problem is installing a dehumidifier into the environment. Taping a piece of aluminum foil in the leak area can prevent the basement moisture comes.

Poor drainage also can cause leaks on your basement. It is also caused the moisture on your basement. The best solution to solve this problem is install exterior gravity system or French drainage.


If you use the basement as the place to dry your clothes, you must think again. The clothes are being dried inside can add many humidity in your basement. So, do not make your basement as the dried clothes place.

You can prevent the worst possibility in your basement that caused by moisture by knowing the causes factor and get the best solutions to solve these problems. Keep your basement always dry and clean to prevent the big problem of your health and your home.