Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Now you take the time to look at your bathroom, you will see so many things that you can find in it. You will realize that there is an empty corner. Now, how about try to fill that corner with a table? Try to put a countertop will be a good idea. Look at this Bathroom Countertop Ideas.

Measure Your Bathroom Countertop

Countertop is the first thing that someone sees when entering a bathroom. You should pick from a huge range, types and materials for your countertop style. You should pick a good granite or marble for a countertop. Before you buy a countertop, make sure that the countertop matches the size of the bathroom.

Here are some steps to measure your bathroom countertop:

  1. Take a measuring tape. Measure a corner that you choose put a countertop. It is important, especially if it is not in a straight piece.
  2. If you have a small bathroom, do not ever install new and bigger fixtures. It will make your bathroom looks tight. Make sure you left enough room so you can move easily around your new countertop.


Types of Countertop


I suggest you to choose ceramic and porcelain tiles for your countertop. For easier installation, you can purchase tiles individually or in squares prefabricated.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas


Linoleum is water-resistant, so it can be easily cleaned. You can experiment with any color if you decide to choose linoleum for your countertop. So that, linoleum as the primary surfacing material is a good decision for you.

Laminate Shelves

You can put up a shelf to put the soaps, shampoos, lotions and body care items at easy reach. You can also attach a small hook to put the towels and other items.

Laminate Shelves Countertop


If time is not your issue, you can continue to monitor the shopping center sale. This will give you the opportunity to be creative with different styles and colors when the countertop heavily discounted.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Sometimes is hard to decide which one is best for you because there’s so many interesting materials for countertop in the market. But, do not be afraid to try something new with ceramic tile. For many years, ceramic tile has remained a top choice among bathroom countertop. Prices vary with different tiles.

So many people choose marble stains because it rather easily. If you decide to choose marble stains for your countertop, select darker colors, which are not as soft or porous as light-colored marble.

Granite is always combined with durability. Withholding heat and high usage, granite may be more expensive, but can be purchased as tiles, which cost less than solid slabs.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas and Decorations

eco green bathroom countertop ideas

You can put glass jars in bathroom for storage in your countertop. Plus jumbo cotton ball & swab storage will look more beautiful than flowers, especially if the color of your countertop is white.

Choose a countertop which has drawers. Drawers can be used to store your jewelry. Sink area storage and still have display area.

Now start to be creative in your own bathroom.