Bathroom Countertops Options

The bathroom counters are not always boring. So much emphasis is put on the kitchen table – their material, style, design, margins, etc – the bathroom often counter to the background. Let’s take a closer look at the basics of the bathroom counter.

Bathroom tile counter as an option

Designers were divided on the question of the installation of ceramic tile or granite in the bathroom. One advantage of the ceramic granite tiles in the bathroom or even the cost. While pottery is definitely more expensive than granite, granite tiles can even be an option in the accessible bathroom counter. The difference between the uses of tiles for kitchen counter compared with the bathroom to the kitchen is desirable to reduce the number and length of the stitches.

Being a popular choice for shower is solid surface material which is industry term for man-made materials such as polymer-based Silestone or Corian countertops. There will be more high-end bathroom with quartz countertop

Zodiaq and Cambria two famous brands of quartz counter materials. Quartz is a lot like granite. Granite slab counter or modular?

Although the popular choice of granite slab counters is a shower, it’s worth considering something called Modular granite. Modular granite sheet granite slab is smaller, but larger than a traditional granite tiles. Options bath worktop

Cultured marble

Marble table used is probably the most common picture in the bathroom at the lowest price. Real Marble

Real marble is a popular choice for the bathroom counter.

Granite; Granite countertops are beautiful and classic choice for the bathroom. Granite has many colors and patterns, and each piece is unique. Granite is very hard and durable. Tapas solid


The cover is a solid mid to high price options for the bathroom counter. Hats durable solid, nonporous and stains. Quartz Engineering

Engineered quartz table is not a piece of stone, but about 95% since the beginning of quartz and 5% polymer resin. This combination creates a table may seem stone for the bathroom. Concrete

Concrete is the bathroom counter higher prices, unless you do it yourself. Solid glass


Solid glass table is a show of choice to stop modern bathroom counter, especially when illuminated from below, transparency of glass, pattern and color.

Recycled Glass; Glass shower counter is recycled environmentally friendly option, but the price is higher. Recycled Paper

Other table options ecological role bathroom counter. Soapstone

Against wear, heat, water and stains, it is making it a good choice for the bathroom counter. There are many different bathroom counter materials you can choose from. Quartz Mesa

It’s easy to find the color that matches the theme of quartz in the bathroom. Granite Countertop


Laminate Countertop; what more could you ask for the bathroom counter for children? Solid Surface Counter

You can use it to create a unique design that looks great in the bathroom of a child. Content that is not easily damaged and is very easy to clean.