Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas Innovation

If you want to have a good decoration in your house, there are several things that you should pay attention. It covers many things. One of them is the choice of the tiles. Tiles hold an important key to make a room more beautiful other than decoration and furniture. The choice of tiles in a house is also used for making a beautiful bathroom. Without a choice of good tiles, the taste of beautiful bathroom will go far away from your house. Actually, bathroom floor tiles ideas usually have a self-opinion of the owner of the house itself. They have some opinion that should be thinking of before having the decision for what tiles they will apply in their bathroom. Before starting to think it, they should know the types of the bathroom tiles first. Actually, there are many tile types of bathroom floor. They are:

porcelain tiles

Types of bathroom floor

1.    Vinyl Tile

This tile is the most popular choices and has been used for most of the 20th century after all. Vinyl tiles are considered as the easiest tiles to be applied in the bathroom floors. The technology developments actually have made them become an affordable and water-resistant choice. The price is not too expensive at all. The sheet rolls are 6-12 feet wide. It provides a seamless look actually.

2.    Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is made from fired clay. This tile actually has a texture that is designed for preventing a slippage. It is available in a number of colors and designs. The thickness of this tile is typically between ½ inch to ¾ inch and the size covers from 4×4 inches to 2 feet-square. You can choose one of your favorite designs of your ceramic tile. The square shape is common in this tile, though there are some type and shape like octagonal, hexagonal, mosaic tile. The advantage that you can get from this tile is water-resistant and easy to clean.


3.    Porcelain Tile

Bathroom floor tile ideas recommend porcelain tile as the best tile that is used for bathroom floor. The reason why this tile becomes the best one is because this tile will give you a good foundation for your bathroom. Besides, it is recyclable and made from natural product. Porcelain tile has many color variations and textures and it is easy to apply as ceramic tiles. Though it has a higher price than vinyl one, it has good standard quality rather than vinyl since it can be used for indoor and outdoor space.

4.    Glass Tile

The next bathroom floor tile ideas give glass tile as another type of tile floor in bathroom. This type of bathroom is recognized as a new type of tile but it has been so popular in this decade. It has a beautiful and aesthetic sense and the price perhaps is the most expensive than the other tile. It has a shine, highly mold and mildew-resistant than porcelain and ceramic.

natural stone tile

5.    Natural Stone 

Granite, Marble, and slate are included in the natural stone tiles. It gives an elegant look and finish when people use it in their bathroom. Though, it has high potential to be slippery especially in polished shape. The size is 12 inches square or larger.

Bathroom floor tile ideas gives a good recommended of many tiles that can be applied in your bathroom. After reading this article you must have some thinking of changing your bathroom floor. If it is true, then try having a new one.