Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Bathroom Remodeling and Prices

You want to remodel your bathroom because your bathroom does not look great for you. And now, suddenly you wonder how much does it cost? If you do not want to break your bank, these information below might help you then. Remodeling a bathroom can cost up to 10,499 dollars. Higher or lower depending on where you live. If you want to remodel your bathroom like a top-class bathroom, it usually costs more than 26,052 dollars or less (but not less than 25,000 dollars). It is easy to spend $ 25,000 on remodeling a bathroom. Tile work itself may cost 4,000 dollar, but with no plumber and actually 4000 dollar seems low for a bathroom remodel.

Let’s Talk About Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Nowadays, bathroom shower remodeling is more popular in life. It happens because of changing styles and designs are more common. Some old homes and bathrooms are being always changed to go with the changing times.

Approximately, remodeling a shower may cost between 1000 dollars to 1500 dollars with a plumber. This is an approximate of a small shower only. If you want to decide to make it by yourself, you can be cutting out about 500 dollars to 700 dollars. For complex remodeling a shower, it will cost to more than 3000 dollars. If you have a basic walk in shower is approximately 75 to 250 square feet, this may cost as low as 460 dollars, includes bullnoses, screws, mastic, mortars, grout, 4 inch tile, sealer, silicone, tile backer and mold, mildew treatment and a shower pan liner.

A small walk – in bathtub with minimal design may cost about $ 1000, larger one around 1500 dollars to 2000 dollars, and complex one, over 3000 dollars.

Drywall and cement board cost less than 100 dollars for materials, about 30 dollars for tile and 375 dollars flat charge for leveling and installation. Tub and surround cost about 575 dollars, plumbing 450 dollars ( at 50 dollar per hour plus materials ). If you wish a really powerful vent and light system for your bathroom, electrical may cost about 155 dollars for fixtures plus 200 dollars for labor (at 60 dollars per hour). If you want to put storage, try adding cabinets. A normal cabinet size will cost about 150 dollar painting supplies and labor 300 dollars, plus carpentry cost about 280 dollars (at 35 dollars per hour plus materials). For vanity, it will cost 1,374 dollars with sinks and faucets.


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In California and the Pacific Northwest, remodeling a bathroom will cost about 18,000 dollar and Southern states (east of the Mississippi) will cost about 15,000 dollar.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Costs per Square Foot of US Average National:

The first is $ 15 – $ 40 for repair or spruce up

The second is $ 20 – $ 40 for repair or remodel

The third is $ 50 to $ 200 for substantial remodel

The fourth is $ 60 to $ 250 for rehabilitation

The sixth is $ 100 to $ 150 for new addition without plumbing

The seventh is $ 125 to $ 200 with bathroom

The eighth is $ 250 to $ 300 with kitchen

The ninth is $ 250 to $ 350 with both bathroom and kitchen

and The tenth is about $ 20 to $ 30 new deck with steps and rails

Remodeling a bathroom, do not include the price of finish materials and may approximately between: $ 260 to $ 360 per square foot or $ 8,760 to $ 12,260.

So, which one do you prefer?

Hopefully those information above are useful for you.