Bathroom Shower Ideas

If you want to have a beautiful bathroom in your house, do not forget to have bathtub in it. It can make your bathing activity becomes cool! It can be more fabulous if you have bathroom shower too. That would be nice and perfect if those things are available in your house. The use of shower always takes an important role in foreign country. Because of it, they want to have a perfect bathroom shower design that is perfect in their bathroom. There is no connection actually, but they relate it with aesthetic experience and the beauty of their sense. That is why there are many bathroom shower designs are offered nowadays. The variation of the design is very perfect. If you want to know further about bathroom shower designs, try to look the writing below. Those designs include:

1. Curved Shower Bench


It is a shower that has bench below. It looks like a body’s shape that echoes the elegant curves that can be found in a sitting chaise. The color of this shower gives a relaxing aura since it has got muted gray and green color. The size of this shower is large so it can hold one to two people in it.

2. Luxury Shower Enclosure


If you see this design, you will have an opinion about a traditional touch. The shower is enclosed the glass and the color of the shower gives a luxury touch since it has got marble walls. The shower bench seat gives a relaxation spot for you to calm your mind and body.

3. Etched-Glass Shower Doors

Etched-Glass shower doors provide 2 functions which refer to the function of the bathroom itself and also the aesthetic beauty. The doors of this shower give the higher privacy than the other shower design. It also offers a bench and multiple body sprays. Since the size is not really small, it is available for two people.

4. Shower with Wraparound Windows

This style gives beautiful view of the surrounding sight around the house since it has horizontal windows enwrap the middle of the shower wall. A luxury touch can be felt in this style since the choice color and the shape contains unusual style if it compared with another design.

5. Resin Shower Doors


It uses resin panels as a substitution of the glass. It has many beautiful colors that can bring a sense of the beauty in your bathroom. The use of resin in your bathroom will bring privacy so that you can enjoy having taking a bath in that bathroom. The price of the resin is actually the same with glass. So, why don’t you try this thing?

6. Steam Shower Room

It is a steam room but you can do bathing activities here. There is a muted green Brazilian slate in the corner of the shower. The size of this room is not small. Two people can enter in. The dark slate interior of this shower room gives luxury feeling since it has the outer gray tiles completed the tiles and it is matched.

7. Limestone Tile Shower

Since the tile has lime color, it provides softness in your shower bathroom. It is made from weather-resistant fabric which is like a durable roman shade. The variation of the tiles color and angle gives an unexpected enjoyness in your bathroom. There is a curved bench that is comfortable to be seat.

8. Curved Partial Wall

This shower design gives a luxury touch when it is seen from the half wall that provides privacy. It can be entered by two people inside. The wall of the shower is formed by a curve clad in beaded forms. The bathroom feels inviting since it have the traditional beaded board.

There are still many designs which available for your bathroom. If you feel those designs are not suit with your interest, try to make a new design for your bathroom shower so you will enjoy your bathroom activities.