Bathroom Stall Size Dimensions on Remodeling Bathroom

Before you remodel your bathroom, the first things you should know is focused on bathroom stall dimensions because we could not going further with the remodel without know the bathroom stall sizes. Whether you want to build commercial bathroom or built your own private bathroom, you should consider about all these things.

The bathroom stall dimensions will affect the furniture or other bathroom accessories which you want to install in your bathroom. And it is affect the paint colors which you want to paint on the bathroom walls too. So decorate your bathroom stall is really important. And other things you should consider based on the bathroom stall are the bathroom furniture. Bathroom furniture is the one which make your bathroom looks attractive, so you need to be wise and smart when choose bathroom furniture and match it with the bathroom stall dimensions. Make sure you do not pick the wrong bathroom furniture because it has impact for your bathroom.

If you plan to have small bathroom stall dimensionsyou may consider having the bathroom stall without the doors to make it comfortable and larger. Because if you install some door on your small bathroom stall, it will make the bathroom looks so small and narrow. This will make peoples who have tall body feels so uncomfortable (especially they who have height more than six feet) and it will make peoples do not want to enter the bathroom.

Actually you could use some curtain and match it with the bathroom stall dimensions. Or maybe you have other attachment to match with the bathroom stall. Remember to make the small bathroom looks bigger with proper closed door.

More over the minimum of bathroom stall is 36 inch x 30 inch and it is without the bathroom door. And as for commercial or public bathroom stall, it should more than 30 inches x 60 inches (based on International Plumbing Code but at 2006 edition). And you should not forget when build some bathroom for peoples who use wheelchair the standard stall dimensions is 60 inches and 59 inches.

And as for the models or designs for bathroom stall itself is depend on the materials of the bathroom stall. The materials could make the bathroom looks comfortable and safe for peoples who use it. For example like backed enamel, stainless steels, plastic laminate, and the solid plastic and all these are the best materials for bathroom stall.

Another consideration which you should to have is the decoration of the bathroomstall. Actually the decorations are depending on the materials which used and most of the bathroom stall design usually has the same models and the different is just on the used materials. You should be smart when choose the materials and when match it with the other materials.

Other the best material for bathroom stall is wood. You could match the wood with some crocks design for the bathroom floor.

After you know all these, just get your professional builder to help you with the bathroom stall dimensions and if you build public bathroom stall do not forget to get some building permits.