Bathroom Vanities Think Simple

Having the comfortable and hygiene bathroom is the most dream of homeowners. Because, the bathroom is the relaxing area where you can enjoy the good bath experience after doing many activity during the day. In the morning, you will get freshness feelings in your bathroom when washing your face and brushing your tooth. And doing many activities to satisfy your needs in it. So, it will be the focal point of your home. The hygiene and design in your bathroom can reflect your personality. Your visitors will see the hygiene’s of you from your bathroom appearance.


Select the right color themes, bathroom vanities and style of your bathroom also influence the mood and view in it. Playing with color themes can affect the emotion in your bathroom. And thinking the bathroom vanities to complete the style of your bathroom. But, decide the bathroom vanities will be the simple or difficult task. Bathroom vanities are come in many different style and shapes. Or it will be the easy one when you are thinking simple and consider the bathroom vanities you need.

The first of all, you need to know and understand all the bathroom components. You will spend some quality time in it, so you must know your needs. For examples, if you do not need double sinks because you are living alone, do not install it, and the solution is select the single sink. Only choose the vanities that fit with your needs and taste.

Bathroom vanities design and style, which is the second step that you must be wise to consider. Think simple! Simplicity is the best way to gives modern look on your bathroom. Contemporary bathroom vanities may be help you to achieve the simple bathroom. Nowadays, contemporary bathroom vanities also become popular, because it can help to open up space in your bathroom.


Floating cabinets is the must have bathroom vanities in your simple bathroom. It is usually simply mounted or hangs on the walls, and gives an extra storage to save your toiletries. Mounted-sinks also can open up the floor space, so you can utilize the space to place dirty clothes basket or other things. Install shower stall with LED temperature sensitive in the head shower, will gives an artistic feels. The head shower will emit the colorful lights that will be change in different temperature. These bathroom vanities are simple but stylish enough.


Look into advantages and the disadvantages of the bathroom vanity materials before buying it. There are some materials that possibility for made bathroom vanities. Such as; solid wood, glass, stone, ceramics, metal, stainless steel and etc. Solid wood and stone bathroom vanities made out elegant style, but they are very expensive. Try other alternative materials if you are in lower budget.

Feel free and happy when it comes to decoration your bathroom. It will absurd, but bathroom also can reflect the homeowner’s personality. So, select the bathroom vanities that will be pleased to you and fits with your budget. Happy decorating and keep simple.