Bathrooms Layout for Small Space

It is often stressful when you have small bathroom. It is okay if you have more budget and want to renovate or rebuilding your small bathroom into the larger one. But if you do not have a time or money, the best things you could do is make your small bathroom looks larger with right bathroom furniture and the layout of the bathroom space. These all required smart tricks and tips to make your small bathroom looks larger plus need a proper layout with attractive design on it. So today we will give you ides about bathroom layout for small space.

What should I consider when layout the small bathroom?

First you need to draw the existing bathroom lay out, measuring the available bathroom space and you could draw it on some graph paper or use some computer program for easier ways. You should measure the detail of the space. And then plan how far you may change the existing bathrooms layout for small space.

Next idea about bathrooms layout for small space, you should determine the bathroom plumb which you want to buy. Match the plumb with the bathroom sink, shower, the toilet and you could going to the manufacturer to match it. Try to find the small sizes of the plumb, the toilet, sink, and the shower. You should know that there are a lot of manufacturers which offering the bathroom fixtures which smaller than the standard size. You could save some space with walk in shower, and wall mount toilet. And as for the sink you could buy some cabinets and drawers under the bathroom sink. It is better than you choose to use pedestal sink. The cabinets and the drawers it self could become some storage which save a lot of space.

More over you should draw the pipes within the bathroom walls because the new bathroom layout should match with the pipes. You could ask the professional plumber about it to make sure about the position of the pipes. And after that you could start to design and draw the new bathroom layout for small space. Match the layout with the pipes or the plumb and make some efficient space for all of it.

Are there other tips for bathrooms layout for small space?

  1. You could hire some professional architect to help you with the bathroom layout.
  2. Choose bright or light colors for the bathroom like the walls or the tiles because light colors wil make your bathroom looks larger.
  3. Choose a proper lighting inside the bathroom. The best suggestion is to put the lighting in the middle on the bathroom which could make your bathroom looks larger.

  4. You could install some small corner shelf to store your bathroom stuff such as the shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and many more for the efficient ways.
  5. The next idea about bathroom layout for small space is measure the bathroom door when swings or maybe you could install some pocket doors for efficient way.


So you still confuse to layout the small bathroom? You better not! So have a try!