Bedroom Feng Shui Guidelines

Bedroom is a private room. It is the place where people usually sleep for the night. You can recharge your body while you having a nice good night are rest during the day. When in it, you can do anything you want, and nobody can disturb you. Many activities that you can do in it. So you will find your own world when you do a lot activity you like. So it must be the comfortable place you ever had.

But, how if your bathroom design is out to date and look uninteresting? It’s time to yell, decorate and renovation your bedroom! There are many ways to decorate your bedroom become new and gives a lot of pleasure to you. The important things are, your bedroom should be reflecting your personality and individual taste. Because, find a bedroom that can fit your personality, it can be foreign place, and you cannot sleep and do activity in comfortable.

The most people in Chinese use a Feng Shui to guide them to decorate their bedroom. Feng Shui guidelines describe using energy in the room and elements to improve the ‘qi’ or ‘chi’. Feng Shui has a means, Feng is means wing and Shui is a water. So, Feng Shui is the system energy that flows through everything.

Nowadays, using Feng Shui to guide when it comes to renovation a bedroom has growing popular way to decorate a bedroom. You can use the space in your bedroom effectively. Different room may be applied by different techniques and principles when you practical Feng Shui. In the fact, you will use totally unique remedies and cures when your good energy in the room is special. There are certain tips and info that homeowners should be to do when having the right Feng Shui to guide them.


The building structure in the bedroom Feng Shui guidelines

The building in sharp angles and corners are not the right idea for homeowners. This building are describes of the fire elements, and create less optimally use of floor space. The best building structure is the rectangular shape; this shape is more interesting in lightly structure.

The ventilation in the bedroom Feng Shui guidelines

The bedroom should have an excellent ventilation, to get enough good air flow in the room. be carefully when planned to placing the windows. It must be give more good energy on your room.

The furniture in the bedroom Feng Shui guidelines

Do not decorating you bedroom with a lot of stuffs, it just can make your bedroom seem overcrowded and messy. Keep the room in simple way, only use the basic vanities and few accessories. The messy room will offer a negative energy, so well-organized your furniture. Never share the head of your bed as same walls as any toilets, it can cause illness for you. Use natural materials for your bedroom can keep the negative energy away. Bamboo wood floor, organic cotton in your couch, and etc.


The color tones in the bedroom Feng Shui guidelines

The right color that can be according with Feng Shui is dark color. But, some homeowners prefer a color tones that more lightly. The color schemes in your bedroom must be suitable with the size of the room. In small space, use the light colors. Otherwise, the larger space will be great in the dark colors.


 The accessories in the bedroom Feng Shui guidelines

Decorate your bedroom with the green plants; it can create a wonderful addition in the room. You may have taken it in small potted plant. Adding fish bowl also can help gives the good energy. But, avoid using mirrors as the accessories, it would disturb the peace energy on the room.