Bedroom Ideas: suggestions to decorate your bedroom

Bedroom is the one place that can make you feel comfort while sleep on the night. You can recharge your body to have a nice great good morning tomorrow. Bedroom is the place where you can hide from the world around you and make your own world. It is funny huh? Yeah but it is the real. You can spend your time inside the bedroom without should care about the outside.

Your bedroom appearance also can reflect your personality, taste and class. Believe it or not, the untidy bedroom can reflect the home owner personality. Your untidy bedroom can describes you are the clumsy and dirty person. Otherwise, the well-organized bedroom reflects the clean personality of home owner.

Get decorating for your bedroom can give extra appearance and sense. You may be falling in love with contemporary design, decide the modern decoration for your bedroom maybe can helpful. I will tell you some suggestions about bedroom ideas when you decorate your bedroom.

Keeping in mind some tips below when you decide to decorate your bedroom.

bedroom style

First action: #planning the design

What the design you want for your bedroom? Think again this question until you have the answer about it. There are many different design of your bedroom, such as; contemporary, country, vintage, Victorian style, traditional, transitional, and the other. Nowadays, the most home owner love to use contemporary design to their bedroom. That because, contemporary design do not take much space and can save much money.

Second action: #achieve the mood with color palette

In the fact, color can affect the people daily mood. You can quickly change your bedroom appearance with consider the color palette. There are many different colors that can give different effect. Choose one that can be achieving the mood you want in the bedroom. The commonly mood on your bedroom is comfortable and cozy feels. The color palette to achieve that mood is use the bold or dark color. But, avoid that color if you have a small living room. Try to used neutrals color palette such as; gold, brown, tans, eggshell, buttery yellow, gray and metallic.


Third action: #choose the furniture

Choose the right furniture that can be suitable with the space you have and the design of your room. Contemporary design usually uses the small and multifunctional furniture. The traditional design has bulky and large size of the furniture. You also can choose the bed depend by a typical size bed. King, California King, Queen, Double, and Twin bed are the most commonly typical size bed.


Fourth action: #add some accessories

You can hang over some family photos on the bedroom walls. That can be gives sense of intimate and warm feels. Hang over some poster of cartoon characters, sports or idols on your children bedroom can make them feel happy. Add indoor green plants in your bedroom can gives more power of nature.

Hope some tips I share with you can very useful. Try to research other bedroom design ideas in the home design magazines and books. Consult with the professional conductor if you do not have enough time to do it by yourself.