Behr Paint Color Chart

Do you want to repaint your house currently but you do not know which paint is the best for your house? Do not be worry, nowadays; there are so many variations of color charts that are offered by the company. You know that each company has its own characteristic color and they must have some variations in each color design. Well, you must ask yourself, what is my company’s choice then? Which one should I buy? Then if you have this kind of question then let us a brief review about one company which has best quality standard in their products. What is that? It is Behr Company. Behr is company which has been built since 1947. This company always has many innovations to make new color invention. The founder of this company is otho Behr. That is why this company is called Behr since it takes last name of the founder. The customer is the highest priority in this company. It always tries to give the best service and product for their customer. So, people love Behr color chart since the standard quality of this color chart is higher than the other company.


The variation color of Behr paint color chart

The Behr paint color chart gives many variation colors which other companies does not have. They combine many variations color so they invent a new color which is good. You cannot also find this color in the Photoshop design in your computer. Only Behr paint color chart that has these variations of color. Let us have the example of the color that Behr paint color chart has in its variation color. Behr paint color chart gives the variation of green color such as crystal gem, kiwi squeeze, mountain mint, green trance, lady luck, formal garden, green grass, dinner mint, breath of spin, green myth, garden room, velvet leaf, shire green, Torrey pine, shimmer, April mist, southern breeze, Scotland royal, Amazon moss, whispering pine, Hampton green, bubble, tropical dream, canton jade, garden glow, fresh greens, chlorophyll, pine grove, Aegean mist, spearmint stick, venetian pearl, aloe essence, tree fern, Manchester, and sabal palm.

There are also any other variation green color and another colors which are herbal tea, mint green, festive green, aqua waters, intense teal, tropical waters, beach towel, blue luxury, glacier lake, song bird, artesian water, jazz blue, sapphire lace, running water, southern blue, deep azure, gem, wizard, majestic purple, purple balloon, wild raisin, Hawaiian cinde, fireside, tawny port, brown eyes, chocolate sprinkle, chocolate coco, wild horse, spiceberry, and also bear rug.


You can also find another variant of blue colors which are club soda, clear water, winsome hue, maiden voyage, riverside blue, teal bayou, grand rapids, white sapphire, cool sky, sonata, Newport blue, waterscape, heron, rain storm, frost wind, Niagara falls, blue feather, horizon haze, Riviera blue, sea ridge, royal peacock, mineral water, serene sky, sea rover, dreaming blue, tropical splash, wipeout, deep blue sea, wave crest, cloudy day, blue fox, shale grey, Smokey blue, distance, and velvet evening.

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