Benjamin Moore Color Ideas

In 1883, Benjamin Moore started to build his paint company in Brooklyn, New York.


The first product of the Benjamin Moore is “Moore’s Prepared Calsom Finish”. They sell its paint through independent retailers as their commitment. In 1907, Benjamin Moore & Co hires the first chemist. And now, Color Lock technology is Benjamin Moore & Co future. The gold standard for VOC compliance; durability; easy and fast application; color matching; and performance is the award that achieve by new Aura paint and water-borne colorant system.

Most of designer and homeowners have to use the Benjamin Moore color ideas in their interior house.

Nowadays, Benjamin Moore & Co has new line green product of low voc paints and eco-friendly. But, the price of the green products is higher than Benjamin Moore’s “regular” products. There are three of the new green lines: Eco-Spec, Aura, and Natura.

Benjamin Moore

Eco spec is the best choice to paint the interior of your room. It is odorless, resistant from Mildew, and contains NO voc’s. It also covered the walls very well.

The Aura paint is the best to cover the walls, it can be quickly dry and the colors did not saturate. You just have to wait in two hours after the first application, if you needed to add another coat. It is also resistant from Mildew, low voc’s and odorless.

Natura paint has did not cover the walls very well. It because the texture of it, and while we used this paint, like we was painting with watercolors. You should be buying a lot of the Natura paint, if you want to painting a lot of walls and ceilings. Add second and three coats after painting also can help to cover the walls. But, it also contains No voc’s, low odor and dried very quickly. This paint price is $10 more expensive than Eco spec.

But, regular paint-based from Benjamin Moore’s paint also interesting. Using pops of color such as; orange, turquoise, greens, blues and reds to accents, and use neutral background colors, such as; white and beige.

Benjamin Moore’s paint offers 164 different shades, so you can choose the colors that speak your personality and taste.

It is high-quality latex paints that easy to clean up after, easy to apply, create a smooth and good finish. You can find this paint in local store in your state, or you can buy this paint in online store. It will be fun and saving a lot of time, while shopping in inline store.

So, when you hear some advantages from the Benjamin Moore color paint ideas, you can consider the best and right color to your home. You also can visit the Benjamin Moore & Co sites, . in this sites, you will get some info and tips to decorate all the rooms in your house.

There are many professional designer and conductor that use and recommended Benjamin Moore paint. You also can share experience from your neighbor or other people that have used this paint.