Best Commercial Bathroom Stalls Materials

When you have some commercial building or maybe public building you need to make your customer feels comfortable when they get to the bathroom. So the best idea is to make some bathroom stall which will be easy to build with some considerations. When built the bathroom stall you should think about the comfortable of the customer. So today we will give you ideas about commercial bathroom stalls.

What should I consider when build some commercial bathroom stall?

You should consider about the materials, and the sizes or the dimensions of bathroom stall. The standard size for commercial bathroom stall is about more than 30 inches x 60 inches and it is based on International Plumbing Code on 2006 (you could searching and up date the new versions of the standard). But the standard will be different for bathroom which available for peoples who use wheelchair (the standard stall dimensions should have 60 inches and 59 inches the wide and the high). Remember to use the standard because there are a lot of peoples who have tall body will feels uncomfortable when use the bathroom stall if the bathroom stall dimensions very small or not in the right sizes.

More over the best materials for commercial bathroom stall wood. You could install some wood walls for the bathroom stall. After that you could hired some professional to paint the wood walls (you could hire some mural artist to design the bathroom stall). The wood will give attractive view which makes the peoples who use it feels comfortable. Discuss the colors paint and the bathroom design with your professional mural artist and tell them about what you want for the bathroom. For example maybe you want to give light or bright paint colors for the commercial bathroom stall because the light or bright colors will make the small bathroom looks larger. Or maybe you want to have neutral colors like blue, and pastels for the example. And for the design you could have some abstract design or elegance design with wood floor too.

Commercial Bathroom stall dimensions

So when pick the materials you should choose them with smart and wise consideration, because the design or the models is depend on the materials which do you install. So the basic models or the design of bathroom stall usually is the same and what make them different are the materials and the colors.

You could give some stainless steel to the bathroom and erect it on the bathroom stall which will make the bathroom looks attractive and unique. And when you choose smooth stainless steel it will be easier to clean than the other bumpy stainless steel. So before make the design you should pick the materials first.

For the fresh looks you could add some plant in the pots which will make the commercial bathroom stall looks natural and the peoples who use it will feels more comfortable. So whether you should build the commercial bathroom stall for mall, hospital, or other commercial building do not forget to considerate all these tips or ideas. So have a try!