Big Living Room Design Ideas

Big Living Room Design Ideas

Your living room is a focal point part of your home. You can entertain your guests in that room, so there is many people will see and judge your living room appearance. The first thing to your living room is knowing what you want the room say. Are you looking for something modern or classy feel in your room? Decoration and design in it are the big influences.

Most homeowners in this world would love to have a big and spacious living room, but in fact the large living room has too much space. If you cannot be wisely to use the unused space, your room will be looks just plain and empty. There are many design ideas that help you to transform your huge living room to be a room that cozy and comfortable. It is the right time to kick starts your big living room design with some smart decorating ideas. This article will give few tips and tricks for design a living room that too big.

Deciding the right color to your living room walls


Avoid using bright colors like yellow and bright. Some people may be knows that using bright colors in a room can make it look larger. Choose the color tones that are a bit dark and deep, because these colors can make the room look smaller and cozier. Add some colors to shades will create welcoming and warm atmosphere, such us deep red, orange, brown or gold. Think deep blue and forest green shades also work when decorating your big living room. Paint door, windows, and baseboards in contrasting color, it may help give sense of beautiful and stylish.

Selecting furniture for big living room


Your large living room absolutely has too much space to accommodate a lot of stuffs. Choose furniture that over-sized and huge, like a grand bookshelf or large living room sets. Do not add furniture in small size and too sleek, it only makes your living room look cavernous. Bulk and plenty fabrics that has deeply textured, it’s the great leather to your living room furniture. If you want add rustic look to your room, stripes and plaids in darker shades will be help.

Arrange and organize the furniture in your living room


Placing all furniture too close to the wall, it’s a bad mistake. It just gives empty look in the middle of your room. Put tables, sofas, and chairs away from the walls to make sense of intimate in your room.

Add decorative flooring


To make your members of family enjoy watching TV or chatting in your room, add cozy rugs are great to creating intimate feeling. Adds an interesting dimension with creating the rugs in your room on a diagonal that is not square. The richly textured in rugs good for your big living room.

Decorating your walls with huge accessorize


Avoid hanging small accessories for a large living room, it just make it look cluttered and messy. Choose a big family photo and hang it in the middle of your living room walls. Over-sized an artistic picture is a great way to make your living room look gorgeous.

Decorating your big living room can be a challenge thing. You can be as smart and creative to design it. Put some of these tips and info will help you.