Budgeting Your Bathroom Renovation

For some peoples bathing time is really fun. Peoples tend to spend their times in a comfort bathroom. Some peoples even making their bathroom’s private so they can spend much time while bathing. Peoples with this type willing to spend their money to make a comfortable bathroom. Budgeting your bathroom renovation need to be cleared, in what level of renovation did you want, is it mid range remodel or upscale remodel.

  1. Mid range remodel include: putting wastafel cabinet or medicine cabinet, change the colour.
  2. Upscale remodel include expanding the bathroom size, adding bathtub, adding some dim lamp to make romantic feeling, change the wallpaper or shower curtain, adding exhaust fan, some spa equipment, change the ceramic tile make the bathroom full of new and high tech facilities.


It’s so easy to spend your money while doing renovation on the bathroom so think carefully what you want and need the most. Of course this remodeling need much money, so if we are bored about our bathroom and want to renovated it but we don’t have much money maybe this suggestions will help you.

Breathe new life into your bathroom renovation budget

  • Why you want to renovate your current bathroom?
    too small?not comfortable?get bored?.
  • Draw and sketch your current bathroom.
  • List what must have item in your bathroom.
  • Pay attention on your budget, is the budget come from your savings? Or loaning money from bank? making lists, check the item prices by window shopping or online shopping before buying item you want. Plan the bathroom renovation as detailed as possible.
  • Who will doing your bathroom renovating? Yourself or profesional interior design. If you do bathroom renovating by yourself, think about the tools, did you have the tools or you will buy it? Do you have enough time to do bathroom renovating full time or is it doing in your free time? If you do the bathroom renovating in your free time, when it finished?is it no one in your family or yourself need to use it daily? Do you have other bathroom to use? If you used profesional interior design do you estimated their price?whether they have expertise related to the renovation?can you trust them to do it?who suggest to use them?is it yourself,your best friend who already used their service before or you just find them at the top list from googling in internet?
  • Not all old item should throw away, we can reuse old things while renovating bathroom. All we need is just to be creative. Maybe you can repainted the color,repair damaged parts, or adding paper art from newspaper clipping, some tile mozaic or from drappery.


  • Don’t forget if you remodel the bathroom give main focus on it. Because it can make others get interested in it. Having modern, sophisticated and clean bathroom also can added some value for you and your family.

Bathroom renovating is one of the biggest renovation do you have in your home. so don’t ever do this project without plan, enjoyed and be realistic!