Casual Family Room Ideas

The integral part of your home is a living room. Most homeowners spend their time in it, lazing during the day, read book and watching TV or just chatting with their guests. So, having comfortable and restful living room is homeowners dream. Decorate your living room in a creative ideas are the best way for these reasons. Think how the living room will be used when you creating a design ideas for it. Absolutely, you want visitors feeling at home, when they see your living room.


Your living room does not have the grand living room sets or expensive lamps. Nowadays, casual living room ideas are popular. Some homeowners love to use this design because casual living room design ideas give sense of nature and cozier feeling. Creating the casual look is not that difficult. It can be as easy and simple as you want if you follow some basic tips.
Paint your living room walls
Go bright! Avoid the dark colors or dark woods using to your room walls, it just make a room seem formal. The ideal casual living room space use tropical or bright colors to paint the walls. These colors give sense of youthful and casual look.


Add some casual living room furniture
Choose furniture that will be provides comfortable. Plush fabrics in your living room’s chair and sofas can invite a person to relax on them, because it feels soft and cozier. Mix and match fabrics and tones in your casual living room furniture.


Organize placement of furniture
Placing seating with comfortable distance to create an enjoy conversation. It’s very annoying, if you talking with someone so far away, that you must be shouting to be heard. So, put sofas, lounge chair and coffee table in a corner of the room to create a private and intimate spot.
Flooring with cozy rugs
Simple pattern such as circles, lines and boxes with basic colors are the ideal simple rugs for casual living room. There a lot of rug style choice to your select for complete casual theme, from circular design, geometric patterns, floral patterns or solid prints. Add gentle and warmth feel to your room with choose rug that have light and soft design. Rugs are not only can beautify your room, it also gives protection to your floor from scratches. Cotton, nylon, wool, and silk are the materials choices to your casual living room rugs. With these casual rugs, you can maximize your casual theme decoration in your living room.


Decorate your living room with casual accessorize
Decorate some accessorizes can make your living room come alive. Get away space with adding scented candles, lamp, or more special accessories to completely your casual living room. Add some pillows in your sofas and couches with contrast color. Pillows in your sofas can add comfortable and cozy feel while you sit.
Living room should be a comfortable room to make your family and your guests feel restful and relax when do a lot activity in it.