Cheap Refinishing of Tile Bathroom

To refinishing the tile of your bathroom or remodel it sometimes is required a lot of money. But of course do you want to get the best result for your bathroom and you do not want to get the bathroom looks so bad and dirty. Whether your bathroom tile use some ceramic or porcelain, and other materials, it is would be easy and cheap if you could refinishing the tile by yourself. So today we will give you ideas about dyi cheap refinishing of tile bathroom to cut your budget.

What should I do to dyi cheap refinishing of tile bathroom?

First you should clean all the surface of the bathroom tiles with some chemical cleaner. Sometimes it came with some sprayer with the bottle. After that prepare some sandpaper to sand the entire surfaces. It is useful to remove all the dirt like grime and to make it shine or clean it all. Other way is you could use some scrub brush to scrub the tiles.

The next thing you should do for dyi cheap refinishing of tile bathroom is decide which one of the area that you do not want to prime or paint. You could use some tape like paper tape and block the area which you do not want to give the paint or prime or make a group with the paper tape to block the area.

Do not forget to check the tiles like whether there are tiles which broken or damage and if you find it you could fix it with some grinder.

More over you could use some paper towel to apply the chemical adhesive and let it dry about five to ten minutes. After doing these all you could start to give the prime on your bathroom tiles.

Prepare some paint pot which has some sprayer to mix the EP acrylic. EP acrylic is useful as the prime and it has a lot of textures’ variation. For example like satin, glosses and semi glosses as the textures. Peoples often use the glosses textures to make the bathroom tiles look so clean.

Before you apply the EP acrylic with the sprayer, first you should check the gun whether it could work well or not. To do this you should try to spray on some card board or paper and you should practice with your strength to determine how much the EP acrylic you will apply on the tiles at one time.

Try to spray with the spray gun the EP acrylic carefully so the EP acrylic will not over spray. You should spray it on each tile. After that let the first prime dry about one to two hour and you could start to paint for the second coat.

Do not forget to find the colors which do you like when give the coat on the tiles. After you finishing with these dyi cheap refinishing of tile bathroom, make sure the coat is already dry you could remove all the tapes or the paper tapes. It is easy to get dyi cheap refinishing of tilebathroom, right?