Choosing Bedroom Dressers Furniture Types For Designing Bedroom

What does contemporary means? Contemporary nowdays means “of the moment.” It’s includes of arts, designs, and interiors “of the day”. Contemporary exist in hereandnow. Contemporary can exist in the hereandnow it’s because in years ago some of the materials and pieces not have been available. And in years from now on, there will some new pieces that doesn’t exist nowdays.


The easiest ways to know about contemporary today is vintage yesterday’s but for the future’s contemporary nobody knows. Contemporary styles not limitated trends, always envolving and almost always in progressing. Contemporary’s furniturehave three major characteristics reflected in each piece. Knowing this major characteristics is better to understand contemporary style and see if it’s a good fit for your bedroom. This characteristics are: colors (white, black and neutrals color), lines with spaces (bold color block, high ceilings), and contemporary style furniture (simples and uncluttered). A dresser not just a dresser anymore. It helps you arranging and organize all your clothes and things, make more empty spaces and but more than that you can make your bedroom more fashionable with it.


Before you choose the best dresser that suit for your bedroom maybe you can read some suggestion before you make wrong choice.

  1. Budget : Set your budget to keep you on target, especially if you have other bedroom furnitures to purchase.
  2. Space : Make sure the area where you want to put the dresser.
  3. Purpose : Find your reason why need to buy the dresser.

Types of Dressers

  • Door dresser: Have a door in the center, a set of drawer placed besides the door.
  • Single dresser: Commonly has one column of drawers.
  • Double dresser: The standard configuration for a double dresser is 6 drawer, but available in several drawer combinations. Sometimes a double dresser will added smaller sized drawers when they produced in odd number.
  • Triple dresser: This type of dresser provides three columns of drawers. Useful if you have to sharing a room with limited space.

All this suggestion is just to guiding you on your way to choose the best for your bedroom. Just keep in your mind touse a basic background with your favorite color andless is more! Don’t add ruffles, floral prints or carved details. Just be basic.