Commercial Exterior Painting Designs

Paint colors are reflecting your personality and they could affect many things like the mood or feeling, spirit, and many more. To pick paint colors and design for commercial exterior paintingdesigns is difficult things. You should be wise when you decide to pick what paint colors and design for your commercial building and it is important because it affect your business. When you want to choose some paintings for commercial building, you should considerate many factor like the neighborhood or the areas, the business type and business style. The colors which we will to use to paint our commercial building have crucial roles like how we are going to react for situation or it could affect the sociality. That is why today we will give you ideas about commercial exterior painting designs.

What should I considerate when choose paint colors for commercial exterior painting designs?

First, you should look the durability of the paints. You should search all the information about every exterior paint colors brand and the durability of the paint. You could ask your friends or some professional about the durability of the paint. Find some brand that give guarantee for their product which could durable for a long time.

Next consider the thickness from the paint. Remember that the thickness will affect the quality or the appearances of the surface. So you should try to painting just one coat with the paint and compare the thickness with other paint brand. Do not paint it over and over when compare the thickness because the high concentration from the paint colors.

The last is comparing the odor of every exterior paint colors brand. They are some paint which have odor, so you should find some paint which do not odor or less odor. Because it is could affect headaches when you are painting and the fumes.

What ideas I have for the commercial exterior painting designs?

For the design ideas, there is four basic design which start from your favorites colors. When you want to pick colors for the exterior design, try to choose the colors which you enjoy. Other things that you should considerate is looks the customer target (your business segmentation) or market. Second is deciding the colors based on the color psychology. For example like red could give some enthusiasm while orange or yellow affect the happiness. For black paint colors is represent contemporary or modern business, but sometimes it could make the customer or peoples scare because black represent some fear situation. So you should compare all the colors and the psychology. You could find it on internet or books for the information.

The third is spiritual colors. For example if you want to build some spiritual organization or just want to pick the colors from your spiritual perception, you could pick the paint colors from your spiritual belief.

The last is the neighborhood or the areas or the surrounding colors. You could look the surrounding colors like if your building has a lot of trees surrounding it maybe you could choose red colors to match with them. Other suggestions for commercial exterior painting designs are use some warn colors like yellow or orange and cool colors like blue and purple.