Custom Cottage Bathroom Cabinet

The things  that can complete your bathroom’ decoration is custom order bathroom cabinets. Why? For woman who needs cabinet to put everything they wear, person that always having complicated problems with their stuffs, having a custom order bathroom cabinets is one of best solution they have with their stuff in the right place. Custom order bathroom cabinets can fit in the small and large room.

But before you deciding or make an order you must know how the best is the decoration you want and need to have. Your concept and design is always be fundamental things before deciding.  Feeling needed to make a decoration. It is all about what you want, what you feel and all about. So you can’t say your style is the best. Feeling is an unpredictable. Take a look a moment to find out the answers.

  1. Preparation, knowing yourself and find what you really need. Draw your dream design on your own, by using drawing program. If you can’t operate this kind of program ask a professional to do it for you, or you can work together with that proffesional so you can meet what design fit in your needs.


  2. Requirements, prepare your tools, material,other equipment like wood glue, paint, nail, hammer, etc.
  3. The Making Process, Measure the size of custom bathroom cabinet you want. If you can’t do it by yourself like cut the wood, using hammer and nail you can work with carpenter ot the other professionals. For finishing touch maybe you can paint it by yourself using the color you want. Wait until it dried perfectly and put it on desired place in your bathroom.


Your bathroom still look ordinary? You can put mirror, besides it makes you will be able to see a clear reflection on your face or other things in your bathroom. It makes your small bathroom looks more wide too. You can also put medicine cabinets to store particular needs like toothbrushes, pills, mouthwashes etc. The disadvantage of having medicine cabinets in bathroom is hard to install.


They need a precut hole in the wall. Besides of this, to install the cabinets, you will need a professional, who knows exactly about the right dimensions of the hole in the wall that it would fit in. Some people use adhesive to make sure that the medicine cabinet will stay on the wall, so the cabinets will not fall when they are brushing teeth, mirroring or doing other activities.

The advantage of having medicine cabinets it will make your bathroom has better design,  your bathroom will look sleeker, more luxury and more aesthetically pleasing too. Another advantages of putting medical cabinet is you can use it for along time too.