Decorative Letters for Walls

Decorative Letters for wall is hanging letters that an art that easy to use. It contains convey on purpose or emotional message. A modern trend now, craft letters can be displayed in master bedrooms, living rooms, baby nurseries, children’s bedrooms, kitchens, to capture a mood or function. These decorative letters for wall available in small to large wooden wall alphabet letters, numbers and wooden craft shapes as decor in the family, nursery, baby kids rooms or in the furnitures. It made from materials like wood, vinyl, stencil, and metal. Usually created and displaying as home and office adornments, are intended for interior decoration the bigger and durablest ones usually particularly designed for outdoor signage.

Wooden wall letters are distinctive with their natural look that suits almost any kind of setting. From homes to offices, the wooden appeal easily matches furniture and fixtures. They typically appear as engraved or relief letters, hanging letters, blocks, and tiles. Hand painted personalized letters and floating picture frame letters are also available. Interestingly, some stores offer unfinished wooden letters that can be used as materials for craft works.

  • Metal letters
    Are typically made of wrought iron, aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel. Known for their sophisticated and elegant appearance, usually used for signage. Their charactersitic is glossy and polished, durable, easily maintained and protected. For home use, usually l installed as house or apartment numbers in gates or doors.

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  • Stencil wall letters are a personalized wall decorating art.
    Their characteristic is not offered as ready as metal but as a do it yourself art and craft option. Stencil letter make a personal touch on the resulting wall décor, they also offering more great range of designs and font styles comparing with wooden and metal letters.

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  • Vinyl lettering for walls is a new solution for wall decorating art.
    Offers a good alternative than other letter decors. The vinyl letters resemble skillfully hand painted letters on the walls, notable and easily removed without using chemical removers and not leaving any damage to walls.

To create unique decorative letters for wall, First, you can used wallpaper, including word and number patterns. For a subtle textured look, use wallpaper with small print, similar color palette for the text and background example: cream text on a gold background. For a bold statement, you can choose a wallpaper with large wording and significant contrast between background color and text, such as white words on a navy background. Second, you can paint a decorative letters on a wall. It’s inexpensive and gives you total freedom to decide and determine font, color and size.

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After choosing a word or group of letters for your wall, use a ruler and a pencil making spaced marks for the letter placement, then print out an alphabet chart you want, then after finished doing this step you can paint the letters using a paintbrush and acrylic paint or wall paint. Third, hanging letters . Some people mixed their decorative letters for wall in plastic, wood and metal in many variety of fonts.

Don’t forget to be creative in designing your own decorative letters for wall. You can used ribbons, ropes or fabric.