Different Step Needed for Painting Concrete Floors

You will find many ways of painting your home to make it looks differently with different color combination and even different accent. However, you will get it quite different when you come for painting concrete floors. You need to prepare it differently as you will paint a different surface that will not be treated the same as wall surface.

Since it will be quite different things needed for painting concrete wall, there will a bit longer time for preparation needed. When you decide to paint your concrete floor you will also find that it will need you to have regular maintenance for your painted concrete floor as well. Check what are needed for painting concrete floors in the following section that you will see how it will give you a big favor to paint your concrete floor.

Use the Right Paint

Things Needed for Painting and Process of Painting Concrete Floors

There will be quite clear painting concrete floors will need you a bit longer preparation and a bit more complicated preparation. So these are several things that you will need during the process of painting your concrete floor. Concrete Paint, Concrete degreaser, Plastic sheeting, Moisture resistant tape, Acid etcher Ammonia, Bucket, Mop, Rags, Paint rollers and pan, Extension handle for paint roller and Paint sealer are several simple things that you can get at the local store to help you paint your concrete floor.

Some Step and Tools Needed

Further, there are several steps that you need to follow thoroughly as you need to have it painted carefully for the best result of painting concrete floor. Following are further step you need to follow.

  1. Make sure that your floor is clean. The more often the floor is used, the harder cleaning job is needed using chemical degreaser to make sure that you have your floor completely clean without stain and oil on the surface of it. After you have finished with cleaning job, the next step will be to make sure that the floor is dry completely.
  2. Do a moisture test. This is the next step you are going to do to make sure if the floor is completely dry. Use a 15 by 15 inches piece of plastic by taping it on the floor with a moisture-resistant tape. You need to leave it for 72 hours for the test. Once you find it no moisture, you can go to the next step.

    Painting Concrete Floor

  3. Use the chemical for too smooth concrete. It is because the concrete floor will not be able to paint in smooth surface condition. Using the chemical such as acid etcher that finished with ammonia will be quite helpful.
  4. Paint your concrete floor. At this step you can paint your concrete floor using the paint that intended for concrete paint. Paint it and wait to dry.
  5. Add concrete paint sealer. You need to use two coats to make sure that the pain will not easily wear off. You need to let it completely dry for 48 before you can step on it for regular traffic on concrete floor.