DIY Bathroom Renovations

Everybody loves a great bathroom. So many people try to decorate their bathroom because they tired and sick of the old decorate. Renovating a bathroom is not easy, but with these bathroom remodeling articles and DIY tips, you can be well on your way to learning about bathroom design.

DIY Bathroom Renovations

These are some tips for DIY Bathroom Renovations:

    • The first is choosing your furniture. For a big size bathroom you can add these options to your bathroom, such as bulky cabinet vanity sinks, may be more practical in terms of storage or one of the easiest ways to renovate your bathroom starts with painting.
  • The second is choosing a bathtub. Your choice of bathtub may be limited to the space you have so think twice before you buy a bathtub. Bigger is not necessarily better, the important thing is you have to buy a comfort bathtub. You should try the bathtub before buying, sit in it and get a feel if it is comfortable or not.
  • The third is choosing the proper flooring. Ceramic, stone tiles and marble are durable and also very water resistant which is important in a bathroom. You should try adding sub-floor heating because it can help keep your bathroom comfortable, warm and dry.
  • The fourth is adding mirror. For small size bathroom, mirror can be your choice. Mirrors make small size bathroom look bigger and wide. You can put the mirror over the sink.
  • The fifth is using space wisely. Closed shower stalls can be claustrophobic and confining. Select an open concept shower because it can avoid your bathroom looks smaller.
  • The sixth is good lighting. The most important thing in the bathroom is good lighting. The right choice for you is install dimmers to allow for lighting variety over your sink.
  • The seventh is hiding the true age of your bathroom. You can repaint the wall of your bathroom with natural or vivid colors for your kid’s bathroom.

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DIY Bathroom Renovations Improvement Projects

You can always choose more than one color for your bathroom wall. But you should be careful at choosing color.

Decide on Your Style

Each style has a certain type of bath that suits, including these common pairs:

  1. Roman-style bathroom – corner bath set in marbled tile stairs
  2. Modern bathroom – rectangular freestanding bath with floating or wall-mounted taps
  3. Victorian-era bathroom – traditional clawfoot tub
  4. Cozy country bathroom – round or oval freestanding bath
  5. Japanese-inspired bathroom – circular or square wooden tub set in a border of river rock.

Bathroom Shower

You can add shower on your ceiling of your bathroom. It can make your bathroom looks unique. Moreover if your bathroom walls are made from glass, you can see outside of your bathroom. It would be great if the scenery outside is the beach. You should choose ceramic, stone tiles or marble for the floor. For the color, you should choose brown, and color for the bathtub you should choose white. So, the colors are mix with the view around you.