Easy Living Paint Color Chart by Diamond Vogel

There will be several selection you may have from Easy Living Paint Color Chart. It will be quite helpful when you need kind of color that bring you soft color along with inspiration. Diamond Vogel will be the one that bring you the color chart that come with that specific tone and atmosphere.

Moreover, you will also find various colors that will help you adjust different tone for different room. Though Diamond Vogel will bring you a palette of soft, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will have only limited and common color that you usually find on the common palette. Instead you will have totally different color that will bring new nuance to your room. Following are several schemes that you can have with details of color to help you get the right

Different Color Schemes of Easy Living Paint Color Chart

Various Color Schemes by Diamond Vogel

There are about four different schemes with different atmosphere that come from Easy Living Paint Color Chart. With different color that quite specific, this chart are going to give you a big favor to add different atmosphere you like.

1. Casual Retreat

Various Easy Living Paint Color Chart

It will be the selection that consists of several specific color of Easy Living Paint Color Chart to create warm, friendly and relaxing atmosphere to your room. With quite soft, but unique palette you will have the best color you can add to your living room. There are three different colors from a palette of soft including Sheffield 7847, Olive Grove 8493 and Tuscan Terracotta 8006. The combination of those colors will let you have different atmosphere in unique tone in your home.

2. Urban Studio

Easy Living Paint Color Chart of Diamond Vogel

Another color schemes from Easy Living Paint Color Chart will be suitable for your room that come with contemporary design. This color scheme will bring you stylish luxury that combine young spirit meet modern. Teal Tease 7479 combined with Contessa’s Cape 8285 and also Wine Country 8709 will bring you such unique color schemes. It is a totally different color chart that will help you get exclusive paint for your room.

3. Indulgence
Modern simplicity with tranquil and low-key is the atmosphere that will come from this color schemes. Rosabella 8207, Homespun 8465 and Blue Suede Shoes 7366 are the combination that will bring this such atmosphere to your room. It will let you have modern style in still calm nuance.

4. Global Fusion
The last color schemes that you can get from Easy Living Paint Color Chart will give you mixing of cultures, places and style. It is the one that will bring you a total mixed style that result new and different atmosphere for your room. Scarlet Sumac 8077, Starfire 7888 and Tuscany Hillside 7781 are the specific palette you will need for this scheme.

Those some schemes that come from Easy Living Paint Color Chart will let you have different atmosphere in certain room in your house and those colors will help you have more comfortable room with soft palette.