Excellent Selection of Corner Shower Units

Since shower bathroom is one of the most popular designs for a bathroom, there are some corner shower units that are now getting more popular as well. Many selections of design which you can choose for your bathroom are available with different exclusive design. Each shower unit is designed specifically so that it will be suitable to your bathroom. See more on designs available and you will find this corner shower units available in quite various design.

Since there are more than a manufacturer only which come with various design of corner shower units, you may find various design from each manufacturer. Following are several examples of this kind of shower unit that will help you to have a bit description of those shower units. You might find rectangular, neo-angle and round enclosure as the different design of this kind of shower unit. To let you have further detail about that different design, following are several designs you can have for a shower unit applied for corner side of your bathroom.

Corner Shower neo-angle

Various Corner Shower Units Available

There will be several corner shower unit models that you can have with different enclosure you can choose for different look of your shower room. Though the main different of these shower unit is only on the different shape of its enclosure, there are also some different details that you will find on those different shower unit.

  • Round Shower Enclosure. This is the first design of shower unit for corner that will be commonly found in a bathroom. It is the unit with quite common design of round enclosure. In addition to its conventional frameless round shower enclosure, there are also some other features included such as the single water deflector to redirect water toward the insider of the shower, side and door clear seals, solid brass and stainless steel construction hardware are some other features that you will find in this shower unit that available in universal unit.

    Corner Shower Units 3

  • Rectangular Shower Enclosure. It is a common design of enclosure that you can find other than the round shower enclosure design. Since the main different is only on the different design of the enclosure, this shower unit will also bring you different detail compared to the other shower unit. Discrete door handle mounted on pre-drilled glass and door swing 23” are the two different features that available on this shower unit.

    Corner Shower Units Rectangular

  • Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure. The last and the latest design of a shower unit that you will find quite different is the one with Neo-angle. The dramatic and space saving design will give you a beautiful focal point in your bathroom. Instead of only chrome and stainless hardware, this shower unit will also feature chrome, brushed nickel and polished brass finished. Acrylic with fiberglass enforcement is another feature that will let you have textured bottom for safety features. This is one of some corner shower units that come with 30 percent thicker and stronger material than the other since the design also come differently.