Exterior Paint Colors for Homes

To choose the right paint colors for your exterior home is very difficult, even by some professional. Exterior home give first expression for your personality because the design or models of your homes represent the personality of the owner. That is why you need the ideas or tips to choose the right paint color for your door, window, or maybe stairs in front of the door for your home. Today we will give you the tips about how to choose the right exterior paint colors for homes.

exterior paint colors

First before you decide to paint the exterior home, you could walk around the neighborhood and looks your neighbor’s home. Looks what exterior colors they often paint, and when you find the paint colors which you like, you could ask them about it. Do not forget to pick exterior paint colors which match with the neighborhood.

Next, you could find some magazine or searching on internet and looks the colors picture on them for your inspiration. Then take color wheels and pick from thousand colors available from it. You should decide how many colors you will take to paint your home. That is why you need to check what the materials of the surface you have for your home like the window, brick, stairs, or stone. For example if your home has modern design sometimes it has metal frame for the window and of course it do not need to be paint. After that match the colors with other materials and start to pick which paint colors do you need.

For the easy way to choose exterior paint colors for homes you could try to use paint color visualizer for exterior home. You could find it on internet and sometimes it for free. From it you could try to match more colors which available from the visualizer. Choose the right colors for your doors, roof, window frame, and many more. Actually exterior paint colors for home is have three based scheme: first is the field like the roof and the walls, second is the trim like the window trim. And last is the detail or specific element like the shutters, doors, and many more.

If you pick such bright or light paint colors for exterior paint colors for homes it will give your home looks so soft and if you want the home looks strong or solid view, you could choose darken paint colors. But if you live at the house which often gets sun light over the time, you should bright or light colors because sun light often lake the paint colors faded. And when you have four seasons, you should pick darken colors.

Other tips for  exterior paint colors for homes is if you have colonial design for your exterior home, try to use beige or gray for the trim.

After pick the colors, now try to buy it on the local store. You could take some samples for the paint colors at the local store. After that try to paint it a little on your exterior home like doors or windows. Next, you should wait the paint until dry to looks the result and determine if you like the colors or not.