Exterior Paint Colors for Homes

House exterior is the first thing that your guest sees. Picking colors for homes exterior sometimes can be fun and sometimes can be complicated as well. You have to pick the right color for your house exterior, especially for a house with wood basic materials, because by picking the right color, your house will create so many different atmospheres. For example, green gives fresh and natural look and orange gives dynamic and cheerful look. Also, colors of house exterior can reflect the personality of its owner. So, be careful at picking colors for house.

exterior paint colors for colonial homes

These are some exterior color ideas for you:

  1. Azure color: it is often equated to the color of the sky, between blue and cyan. Azure color will make your house look soft and friendly.
  2. Yellow color: this color will evoke the spirit of anyone who sees it. Yellow color gives confidence and happy mood.
  3. Magenta color: this color suits to a feminine person. Magenta color brings some fun, confidence and happy atmosphere to anyone who sees it.
  4. Pink color: this color is a beautiful color. It brings passion and can make you feel enjoy and you can be happy when see this color.

Pay Attention to These Points When Painting Your Wall House

  1. Before painting the wall, surface of wall must be protected with priming, you can choose white color for the priming.
  2. You have to give an extra lining when you decide to paint on horizontal surfaces. An extra lining will provide good protection from water that can make the wall damp.
  3. Do not let any cracks of paint exists in your wall. If so, wipe the paint completely and repaint again.

exterior paint color schemes

What Color Homes Sell Best?

If you want to sell a house, make sure that your house deserves to be sold. Also, make sure your home looks new and nice. This will give a good impression on prospective buyers. Here are some advices that you should do before selling your house:

  • The first: pick an attractive color. You can pick more than one color, you decide.
  • The second: if you avoid colors that are too bright, you can pick brown or gray color for your exterior. But, your house will not look attractive.
  • The third: do not ever pick dark colors for your house exterior. Especially, when you pick dark colors for your wall exterior. Dark colors, such as black, will make your house small and scary.
  • The fourth: you can choose an attractive accent colors that can make your dominant color looks fit one another. You can match the color of the door with the window color.
  • The fifth: you can match your house exterior with the colorful plants. This will make your house exterior looks harmonious with nature.
  • The sixth: for more references, you can find out more about the paint color in the magazine.
  • The seventh: these are tips and warnings.Pick the right time you will be showing your house to prospective buyers. And once more, in summers white house always look bright and sweet but always get lost in winter.