How to Clean a Porcelain Tub

When you want to have a porcelain tub in your bathroom, there are many things that should be known. What are they? One of them is how to maintain your tub. You have to clean it up every week or every month in order to make them shining every day. If you do not clean it up, your porcelain tub will be dirty and it will contain many viruses and bacteria.

What you need to do if you want to clean your porcelain tub in your bathroom is preparing the things that you need to clean it up. The first thing that you must have include is liquid soap that is used special for cleaning the things which are made from porcelain. The second one is soft sponge or brush. It is used for wiping the dirty place so you can raise the dirt thing in your tub, and the last thing that you must have is a bucket for mixing the liquid soap and the water. After having those equipments, let us clean up the porcelain tub in your bathroom.

How to Clean a Porcelain Tub

Instruction On How to Clean a Porcelain Tub:

  1. Cleaning up your porcelain tub first by rinsing it with water. It is useful raising the dirt thing which can easily release from the tub.
  2. The second instruction which can be done next is rinsing your porcelain tub using the mixing of the water and the liquid soap in the bucket. Actually, there are many traditional liquid that can be used to clean the porcelain tub. The example is vinegar and lemon, but if you do not want the traditional one, you can use the liquid soap as it has been explained before. You can use the sponge or special brush which is used for brushing the porcelain. Those tools like sponge and special brush are needed for removing the dirt thing in your tub. This is essential for you to remove it easily. Do not clean it with the long duration of time because the porcelain which is not cleaned for a long time will have a crust in its surface.
  3. After rinsing your porcelain tub surface, the next thing to do is watering it well using the warm water. This warm water is useful for you to remove the viruses and bacteria which exist in your tub. The more you often use your tub, the more you have to clean it up diligently.
  4.  The last but not the last step in this instruction is watering your tub with ordinary water in your tub to make sure there are no other dirt thing, viruses and bacteria in your tub. Besides, it is useful to make sure the soap that is used in the previous time has been discarded.

Porcelain Tub

From the following instructions, you can see how easy it is. There is no need to have a long time for cleaning your tub in your bathroom. In addition, you can do this activity as your exercise if you do not have time to do sport in your house.