How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors? – Clean It in Thorough Manner

Having a laminate wood will bring us much benefit that you might not get with the other kind of flooring. Yes, it is the easiest and the best alternative of hardwood flooring when you can’t afford it, but this kind of flooring will need you to maintain your floor carefully as you don’t want your laminate floor damaged easily. Following are some steps of How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors that will help you to clean your laminate floor.

Before you might start to clean you laminate floor and follow some instruction available to help you keep your laminate floor at its best appearance, there are several things you need to prepare to let you have the best maintenance for your laminate floor. Some tips and warning will also be useful to help take care of your laminate floor so that you don’t do things that will damage your laminate floor.

Needed for Cleaning

How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors – Things to Prepare and Further Steps

These are several things you need to prepare when you plan to clean your laminate floor yourself by following the step of How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors. These things are the things that will help you clean your laminate floor without adding damage on your floor. Broom and dustpan are the first on the list that followed by 2 ounces vinegar, 32 ounces water, spray bottle and microfiber mop or swiffer sweeper. Those are the tools and solution that you can make yourself to clean up your laminate floor. Though it might be quite helpful, you need to use it properly as using too match solution will result damage on your laminate floor.

Floor After Cleaning

If your have finished with the preparation, you can now move to the step How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors.

  • Clean up with broom. Make use the broom and dustpan to help you get rid the dust and debris from the floor.
  • Compose the solution. The solution you need is only water and vinegar. Mix them and you will get the best solution for cleaning your laminate floor. Just mix them according to the measure has been said before.

    Clean Laminate Floor

  • Spray the vinegar solution. You need to spray it only in quite small area as you need to make sure that you have dried the solution with your microfiber mop to clean the laminate floor. Clean it gently and repeat it after you see your floor completely clean.
  • To maintain your floor and to keep it clean and sparkling, you need to repeat this once a week

    Having those steps to clean your laminate floor plan will not easily let you have your floor stay clean for longer period. You also need to notice that there are several actions you can and can’t do to your laminate floor to keep it look gorgeous. However, following the step available of How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors will help you to make your laminate floor looks simply clean and gorgeous.