How to Install a Shower Pan

Shower Pan is used as the basis for bathing and water while taking a shower. Most of the acrylic or fiberglass shower panel. This article will tell you how to install a shower.shower_pan

How to install a shower preformed / Pan

Fiberglass shower tray install a shower preformed doing work easier. This article will teach you how to install a shower tray or bath in this simple steps.

  • Make sure the pipe is properly installed
  •  Drain connection for shower
  • Make sure that the soil surface and the bath will sit level
  • Leveling ground where required
  • Place the shower tray to the wall studs
  •  The basic configuration to make sure the bathroom drainpipe properly attributed.
  • Pan bathroom sandwiched between the subfloor and tile mortar sloping floor paint from the bathroom. After securing a shower pan liner, apply a layer of mortar on top of liner to act as a base tile. Removing the Old Shower Pan
  • Remove the door to attach the shower.
  • Pull the shower pipe column. Remove all drywall or tile walls to expose point.
  • Remove the tray from the old bathroom. New Shower Pan Installation


Pan Installation showers it’s not a difficult task. Connect the pan pipe fitting new bathrooms with hot and cold water accessories. While installation, cover with plastic and pour water on the walls here. Ensure that the shower tray is leak-proof.

Follow the installation instructions bathroom (with kit), to fix the shower. Seal point of intersection between the tray and the drain of the shower, with silicone caulk.

Separate the wall studs on the outer edge to block the sound of water hitting the shower walls and shower enclosures.

Apply a good quality adhesive to the end of the bath panel and wall studs. A shower pan is something that worsens with regular use. Do not try to fix the shower pan if possible. If you find that your bathroom shower too often in need of repair, then you better go for a replacement shower.bath panel

Connect the exhaust fitting in the bottom of the shower before setting the shower base. Each brand drain fitting slightly different, but they all clip at the base of the shower and after the shower drain and set the drop-down menu on the channel. Make sure that the belt is properly tightened nut to the bottom of the bathroom, adaptive clamping shower drain base remains watertight.

Use a soft mortar on the ground. After installing the mortar immediately install the shower tray. Step 5 Place the shower tray to the wall studs

Fitting a shower tray to the wall studs before the mortar sets is important to keep them in place while the mortar sets. Insert the screws through the rim leads to each stud along the edge of the flange. Tip: have a shower small lip that goes into the wall. Step 6 Ensure that the shower base properly fixed to the exhaust pipe.drain pipe

Drain fitting should slide in the drainage pipe and then drain into the drain pipe fitting subject. See instructions for fixing certain channels to fix your drain fitting into the drain pipe.

The next step after preparation, pre-installed pipes and shower base set up to install the cement board and ready for tile, cultured marble or fiberglass wall panels.