How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

It is often stressful when you have to face the small bathroom in your home or your apartment. You really want to have large bathroom in your home and apartment but you do not have a time or budget to do it. So the best idea is to make your bathroom looks bigger with a little touch. You could add some bathroom accessories or furniture which could make your small bathroom looks bigger. That is why today we will give you ideas with small budget and easy way about make a small bathroom look bigger:

How To make a small bathroom look bigger

  1. First is repainting your bathroom paint colors. You could repaint or just give some bathroom wallpaper on your bathroom wall. Give some light colors with stylish pattern on the bathroom wall could make your bathroom looks bigger because some bold or dark colors could make your bathroom even looks smaller. Remember the paint or the background wallpaper should have light or bright colors but the pattern only a bit darker.

  2. Second ideas for how to make a small bathroom look bigger is give white color for your bathroom ceiling. With this idea you will get fresh feeling in your bathroom and not just the ceiling, you should give the white paint colors on your bathroom trim too. The white colors on your bathroom trim will make the bathroom looks higher than before.
  3. The next things you could do are install some skylight as your bathroom lighting. When you remodel the small bathroom, you should not make any mistake when install the skylight. Install the skylight in the middle of the bathroom will give you natural light and could make your bathroom bigger. Beside that you should remove the curtain on your bathroom windows.

  4. How to make a small bathroom look bigger could you do with changing your large toilet with the smallest one. The extra suggestion is choose ivory or white colors for your toilet because it is better than the other colors.
  5. Install some light colors for the flooring. But another solution if your bathroom floor already has dark colors is installing the bathroom rug on the floor and put it on one area. Plus if you want to install new tiles for the bathroom, you should pick small tiles because they could make your bathroom looks bigger and patterned tiles will be a good choice.
  6. Install some mirror wall in the bathroom. It is the next idea about how to make a small bathroom look bigger. Because mirror can create illusion for the space in your bathroom and the bathroom will look larger. Beside it is very useful to have mirror in the bathroom like you could easy to check your make up, etc.

    light colors for your small bathroom

  7. The last things you should do are remove all the bathroom cabinets. If you could not remove the cabinets, the best way is paint the cabinets with white colors (if you have dark colors on your cabinets before).

So we hope these ideas about how to make a small bathroom look bigger could help you to haveyour small bathroom looks bigger. So have a try!