How to Paint a Bathtub

Hey friends, do you want to change the old bathtub in your bathroom shining and look beautiful? Yes? It is perfect! You can paint your old bathtub so you can have a new one. It is such a good news for you who do not have enough money for buying a new bathtub. You can be a specialist for this thing. Actually, it does not need to prepare big budget for painting this thing because you just need to have the materials and equipments.

How to Paint a Bathtub

The price of those things will not spend your budget. If you have a desire to paint a bathtub in your bathroom, you need to prepare the materials. What are they? The materials that you need includes the chemical cleaner such as the alcohol or liquid soap cleaner, the spray that is used for making a shining look in your bathtub, a paper for covering the unpainted side, and also a cloth. If you already have those materials then the next step is to know the way of the step to paint a bathtub. If you do not how to paint a bathtub then you will ask yourself, “what should I begin?” If you want to know how to paint a bathtub, I can say it is such an easy thing.

First of first, how to paint a bath is begun by cleaning the surface of your bathtub using the chemical cleaner that you have already prepared. The use of this chemical is to clean the rest of dirty thing that still exist in your bathtub. The chemical that is used for cleaning the surface of the bathtub can be the alcohol or liquid cleaning soap. Then, you can start cleaning the surface of your bathtub by wiping it using the cloth that has been provided. Do it two or three times in a row in order to make sure the surface of your bathtub is really clean. If you have already done with this session, do not forget to wash the surface of the bathtub. It is better to dry it so the next chemical that you will use is not mixed up with the water. Dry it for about 10-30 minutes.

How to Paint Your Bathtub

You will have a desire to have a good result of your work, so the next step is try to cover the surface that is not to be painted. You can cover it by placing the paper above the surface. Then if it is ready, you can do your next step by applying the liquid chemical that is called body agent in the place where you want to paint the surface of your bathtub. You can do this by putting that chemical into the bottle of spray so you can spray it easily into the surface of your bathtub. Then it is time to make it dry around 15-25 minutes in a row.

painting a bathtub

You will need a chemical that is used for making your bathtub shining. So, after finishing the previous step, spray an epoxy paint to cover the surface of your bathtub. If you want to have a perfect result, you will have at least three layers in your bathtub surface. Spray it by swinging your spray from left side to the right.  Please do it step by step in order to make a better result. If you want to add the second layer, you have to dry the first layer then you may add the second one. It is also the same with the third one.

Then if you have done with those things, enjoy your new bathtub in your bathroom. How to paint a bathtub is an easy thing to do. If you do not know how to paint a bathtub, this writing will help you so you do not to be worry. Feel the sensation of how to paint a bathtub doing it yourself.