How To Update Your Knowledge In Architecture

What is architecture? Architecture is a common term for a building or physical structures. Is also term for art and science for building and physical structures itself, the style and method of design and construction too. It’s also urban design, landscape architecture about construction detailed and furniture. But nowadays architecture also defined as an activity to designing every systems and commonly using to describes about information technology. Architecture is a calling, a business, a passion and we passionate it. Architectures supporting all kind of human daily activities, help human fit in harmony with environment. It is symbolizing of a tradition and culture from past. People who study architecture is called architect.

Architecture is a never ending developing fields. It always dynamic and running with time. Not limited in ancient architecture but also develop in modern architecture and post modern architecture also. It’s not limited on static form for a design. So you should search any possibilities to make the best, uniquely design for a building. Peoples working in this area must be an open minded person, because he or she must see what others can’t see, make it real and be something unique shape.


Peoples who working in this field must update their skills and knowledge in architecture. Nowadays accessing information and knowledge is not difficult task to do, we just need time and a commitment to yourself to learn something new from every source. There is so much blogs, links that help us to find material like pdf form, books or slides to learn about update knowledge in architecture. After we collect the source, use our leisure and free time to read it, find the ideas and then sketching in our drawing book or application program in notebook to create a new shape. In addition to update your knowledge in architecture besides collecting material from many source, you can visited cities, regions or states who famous from their architectural building.


Most of the states is in west, but nowadays some east states well known with some famous buildings in the world. For this idea you must have saving money by yourself because it need not little budget. Or to cut your spending you can apply job in what country do you dreamed about. From this on if you accepted you can get salary and if you have free time or holidays you can visited the country by train or car. Don’t forget to take your camera with you because you never knew what will you see in the way. Of course it certainly not be missed moments and can’t be returned.