Ideas For Window Treatments

Decay and termite attack are problems that often faced by the windows. Not only in summer but also in winter. You need to learn some window treatment techniques for keeping your windows stay look attractive and clean.

To avoid the decay in your windows, especially for wood – based window, you must pick the type of high quality wood, such as teak. The easiest way to treat you window is give the last layer of paint. The layer of paint will cover the pores of your windows from damp. Also, the layer of paint will treat your windows from rain and direct sunlight.

Here are few steps to keep your windows treatments ideas to stay durable:

  1. Before you paint your windows with ordinary paint timber, use the paint of wall first.
  2. Use the paint of wall which has the same color as the paint timber.
  3. You have to add eaves on top of windows because eaves will protect the windows from direct sunlight and rain.
  4. You have to add awning. Awning is usually made from metal or aluminum. It is always matching for homes which have fun and casual look, and also it is waterproof. So, I suggest you to add awning around your windows.
  5. You can also add trellis for your windows. Actually, trellis is not only can protect your house from crime, but it also makes your windows look great, as long as you pick the attractive trellis.
  6. If you use curtains on your windows, you should often wash your curtains to avoid from dust and dirt, at least wash your curtains once a three – month.
  7. You should change your curtains once a week for keeping from smell.

    Window Treatment Ideas - Designer Window Treatments

  8. For glass window material, you have to clean it up with liquid glass cleaner. Do not only use water or detergent. Water will not give the maximal result and detergent can damage the glass surface.

Windows in the Kitchen

Light and air are the most important things in the kitchen. They will always make your kitchen good. Cleaning your kitchen windows at least once a week, your windows will be free from termite attack and dust.

Window Treatments: Window Treatment Ideas & Decorating Tips

Windows Treatment Tips for Small Rooms

  • If you are trying to make your small room looks big and wider in size, adding more than two windows will be a great idea. But you should keep in mind, do not apply two layers of curtain. Two layers of curtain are only match in big room size.
  • Another way to create your small room looks big and wide is apply the windows color as your walls color. This will make the impression of windows are well – suited into the wall. Your room will not look cramp and awkward.

Window Treatment Design Ideas

Treatment for Window Sills

Window sills are also important after glass. Giving more attention for window sills is something you must do, especially for hills which are made from wood. Sills which are made from wooden easy get damaged. You can change the wooden with aluminum for the safest material.

Good luck!