Kitchen Design And Arts and Crafts Style

Kitchen design and arts and crafts style actually happening after the Victorian era, then afterward it was spreading to United States and Europe. It is more than 100 years old, but its still stood with time. Items that reflect an arts and crafts heritage are handcrafted furniture, simple trims, ceramic tiles, earthenware, metalworks and stained glass. It makes kitchen more natural, warm, casual, simple and refined.

Usually use color with medium tones like the browns, light brown, soft orange, aqua marine, greens, oranges, reds and blues as you see in nature. Tiles or stained-glass panels from the outdoors such as grapevines, flowers, fruits, leaves, bugs, insects and butterflies completed the fundamentals of the style. The reason why this movement occurred is when people already bored with the complex and luxurious interior design of Victorian style. They want to searching the simpler and less fussy interior design, especially for kitchen. Therefore, the idea of kitchen design and arts and crafts style were merged to replace the prior Victorian era style. If you interested about this kitchen design, arts and crafts style to be applied to your kitchen.

Apply Arts and Crafts Decorating Kitchen


The first thing you would know is color style, because people in this era loved to mixing painted treatment with stained wooden and then become a trademark of arts and crafts kitchen design.
The main things underlined of arts and crafts kitchen designs are the cabinets and floors style. The wall color must be lighter than furniture colors.
Adding stained and painted glass windows or glass door creates vocal point in the kitchen and become another decor style for this kitchen design, feel welcoming and cozy. The last thing you must have to learn about this kitchen design arts and craft is the clutter free space for kitchen products. You may putting full size storage cabinet pantry for larger storage.


Other advantages of kitchen design and arts and craft style is you can match simple kitchen furniture with simple style of kitchen decoration. You can use an old wooden table and put it in the kitchen area as pantry table. The floors are arranged with hardwood strips refurnished with finishing touch to keep it shiny and strong enough. Keep in mind that natural light remains the best way to playing up with the mood you create in with Arts and Crafts kitchen and bring out subtle colors, patterns and textures.


The effect also lightens broad swaths of dark wood. If your current kitchen is on the dark side, consider budgeting for a broad bank of windows over the sink or a skylight. Installing tiles with character, a backsplash of subway tiles, either painted with a natural motif or plain and bordered with a series of unique accent tiles.

If you still confusing about what the exact style you want, please don’t be hesitate to collect information as much as you can by searching online, magazines or windows shopping and inspirational images. You can buy originals, but nowdays reproductions are also widely available. Furthermore, think about how about if you may consider to use professional interior designers in order to help you to choose the right instruments to establish what you want.