Living Room Design with Fireplace

Fireplace is an structural architecture who designed to warmer and heating the air. Fireplace usually used for cooking and baking. But now the function of a fireplace is not just a tool to cooking or to baking but it can be something to create a relaxing ambience. So here’s some information if we want to have living room designed with fireplace.


Some of fireplace types:

  • Mansory Fireplace: Made from stone or brick. Traditional model of fireplace. To use it first we must burning it for 24 hours and it’s expensive. But if we really like this type we can match it with additional decorative element.
  • Fireplace with burning ethanol . Modern fireplace, not produce smoke because it’s using biofuel. No smoke and no ashes. Also vent free it means that heat can’t escaped to outside by chimney but trapped in our room to keep it warm.
  • Inserting fireplace. When you want to added some elements to change or upgrade your old fashioned living room or family room you can choose this type of fireplace because it’s easy to installed to your living room design.This type is very good using with direct vent, vent free and many more. Using with glass door to manage the heat and the air flow.

Not only types of fireplace must be in our attention if we want to designed a living room with fireplace, we must concern about where we want to set the fireplace.

There’s some way to arrange living room designed with fireplace:

  • Pay attention for room space,is it huge or small. If our living room is huge it can be more flexible to put fireplace. But if we have small living room we must outsmart to adjust the fireplace. Usually family used to placing the fireplace in the center and in the corner of the living room. Both of this type placement should started with the largest pieces of furnitures. Like the television set and the sofa then set the table, if we want to placed sofas or chairs or more coffee tables please pay attention for the amount and the size. All this arrangement must having easy and free access to walk, is it comfortable to lift our legs around or is difficult to stay comfort because the space is not enough.


  • We can hanging the tv screen above the fireplacealso, just because fireplace designed often in front of the room.


  • Before designed living room with fireplace you can also drawing or sketch the room before you set the fireplace, furnitures and be carefull about the doors or the windows or another rooms. Make it clear we have free access to go there. Be free to set and upgrade your living room with fireplace but don’t forget to pay attention for the comfort feeling while sitting with family in there. The fuction of living room designed with fireplace is for comforting chat with our family and relatives don’t make it boring or not enjoying because of wrong arrangement of furniture.