Living Room Paint Combination

Living Room Paint Combination
Make your living room mood with paint your living room walls with combination some colors. Colors playing in your room are taking a huge part to affect mood and outlook in there. Living room with right colors can make homeowner’s and their guests get enjoy during spending most of their time to chatting in it. The colors in living room walls also must be suitable with furniture and accessories inside.
Most homeowners use neutrals color in their living rooms. Because, neutral colors can combine with every colors. With brighter colors as shades, neutral colors can make amazing paint color combination. Neutral colors can make your living room feels modern while also keep your home classy look. There I have some tips how to combine the colors in your living room.
How to combine colors paint in your living room:


• Decide the mood to your living room. Psychology said, some colors can affect feelings on people mood. Be careful to choose right colors to your living room. Decide mood do you want to create and choose which can achieve that mood. After do it, you must know effects from some colors. You can find information about it at decorating books, home design magazines, and some websites and blogs for ideas.


• Suitable your living room mood with the furniture. Selecting furniture accord with the theme of your living room. If you want create a sense of comfort in your living room, make sure to choose the furniture will be gives comfortable feeling in your living room. Use unique and classy furniture may be help to make sense of luxury to your living room.


• Decide the main color to your room. From examples, I will help you know about some colors. To slow heart rate and brings down blood pressure, blue is the great color. Used light blue as the main color brings calming effect meanwhile, dark blue brings sadness feelings. Other color who gives calm feeling is green. Used green as the main color for decorating your living room promotes comfort and togetherness inside. If you want to stimulate your adrenalin, blood pressure and heart rate, used red as the main color are great ways. And yellow have power to gives happiness and the joy to your room.


• Choose other color to combine with main color in your room. Do not choose many colors you want to combine. Limit the number of colors no more than four. If you have to decide the main color, choose the other color to combine with. There some color can be successfully combine and make good feelings to your room. Combine darker brown and beiges make sense with fresh feeling.


Keeps the mood airy and light with blue and cream shades. Give sense of classy with pairing dark brown with white. To give sense of luxury, deep red and gold can work. An orange and white shade in your living room walls feels warm and inviting. If you like a nature atmosphere, green and turquoise may be help.