Small Living Room Ideas

Living Room Small Ideas
Some homeowner’s spend most of their time in living room. Living room also functions as lounge and family room in some houses. In living room, they can lazing in love-seats and watching TV or just chatting and entertain their guest. So, it should be a cozy and entertaining place in your house. But, how if you stuck in small living room? Your living room it’s so tiny to accommodate a lot a stuff you have? And you think have small living room is a nightmare?


Don’t worry, you can make your little living room became a best living room that you ever seen. There is, I have some sneaky way to help tricky a limited space in your living room. Plan to shifting the furniture by make a sketch of your room in the paper, it’s a great ways to minimize furniture misplacement. And buy some furniture in small size too. Don’t ever think to add large furniture in your small living room, it just will make your room look overcrowded and narrow. Keep some distance between furniture each other, to give an enough space to walk or move in your living room.


Avoid mix and match opposite light colors, and don’t use crowded motive printed in your sofas, it make your living room look more petite. Use calm and nature colors with soft motive printed in your living room sets. Place the living room sets in L-shaped. This shape can help open up your living room and make it look large. Buy a TV table that has bookshelves on the side, to storage books and magazines. Because, if you using the grand bookshelf, it can take up a lot of space in your little living room.


Natural lights are your best friend when you trying to make the most of a small living room. Natural lights are obtained from the window. Make sure to maximizing the natural lights from the window for make your living room feels live.


Colors playing in living room walls also take a big part in making sense of space. Some colors can help open up the room and give more natural atmosphere by use green, yellow and blue to shades your walls. And use red, brown and blue as shades in your walls can give a cozier feeling to your living room. Improve light color to make your living room look larger. Creams or light yellow are great options.


You also can decorate your small living room with some fancy accessories. But remember! These accessories should be in right-size and do not over-decorate. Because, accessories are too much can take up less spaces. A few functional items or a wall mirror are objects that fit to your little living room. Meanwhile, mirror are a secret weapon, using mirror can help further open up the room.
You can get other info from some home design magazine or Feng-Shui book. Feng-shui also can help the placement of furniture, or rent a home decorating to get good results.