Make a Tiled Bath Panel

There are ways to make our bathroom more beautiful, one of them is to install bath panel. You could install bath panel quickly, and the panel itself is waterproof and very lightweight. The panel usually available in 4 times 8 foot size. From many kinds of panel available, the tiled bath panel is a classic and popular one. But how to make a tiled bath panel?

tiled bath panel

What to prepare before how to make a tiled bath panel?

Before we install the panel, we need to make sure that the panel has accustomed to the bathroom temperature. Therefore you need to put the panel in the room for at least twenty four hours to forty eight hours. In the mean time you need to clean the wall where the panel will be installed. Remove any electric outlet. You also need to remove the old panel if you have one on. But you do not need to remove the paint and the wallpaper, just let it be the way they are. You could remove the molding and trim by using a pry bar. Then you will be left with the dry wall only. You also need to repair any leak you found in the dry o make it plumb.

remove any electric outlet

The first thing we do before how to make a tiled bath panel?

Use the stud finder to find the stud, Most of it will be six teen inch far. So once you find the first stud, just measure six teen inches from it to find the next stud. Do not forget to mark each stud you find using a pencil or chalk.

How to make a tiled bath panel?

You need to start from the very first corner of the bathroom. The one that you see when you enter it. Use a level to make sure the surface of the panel is plumb. If you need to, you could trim it with fine-toothed saw to make it plumb. Make sure you start from the finished side so you will not snag the panel. You need to cut the panel so that it will a quarter inch short of the wall by using a circular saw. Make sure you cut from the back side of the panel.

Next thing you need to do is apply the right panel adhesive specially used for tiled panel. Apply it to the back side of the panel; make sure you cover the entire surface. Once you done, you could place the panel on the spot you desire. Then you could continue to do it again with the next panel until you the entire surface you want is covered with panels.

If you need to make a hole in the panels use a keyhole saw to make the hole you need. Next you could put all the trim and molding back to the place. Do not forget to replace the electrical outlet back in place.

How to make a tiled bath panel you could do it yourself. Therefore you will save a lot of money to install it and just buy the panels you need. Good luck.