Many Kind Of Soaking Tubs For Small Bathrooms

To be able to freely lie down on the bath tub is a luxury that not all people have. Especially if the bathroom at your house is small and have only little space to spend on. All people want to have a soaking tub so that we could soak into it and have a warm bath to relax our self. Now a days many people use a soak tub to replace the old fashioned bathtub. Soak tub has more deep than the old fashion tub, therefore we could freely lie down into it. There are many kind of soaking tubs for small bathrooms that you could choose. They are available on different size and price that you could easily choose to match the space available in your bath room. We will discus some of them in this article.

Deep Bathtubs

Deep soaking tubs for small bathrooms are available in small size and have many kind of deep that you could choose. You could easily find the one that match the size of your bathroom so it could easily fits in. There also one with a whirlpool jets that lets you to have many kind of wave you like. You could find the deep bathtub at you local home improvement store.


Claw-Foot soaking tubs for small bathrooms could save a lot of space because it could easily turn to be a shower. Therefore you do not need to separate your tub and shower. You will also have more clean and open space for your bathroom so it will not be too crowded. The reclining could be on two sides so it will fit for two people to use it together while the drain is in the center. Or if you prefer the reclining to be only on one side and the drain on the other side. The claw-foot will turn your bathroom into an antique style bathroom, while it will not take much space because it is a freestanding model.

Walk-in Bathtubs

The size of walk-in soaking tubs for small bathrooms is the same size as a walk-in shower. Therefore it will take less space on your bathroom. It has a door on the side so you could easily enter it. The main problem is that you should enter the tubs before you fills it, and you could only exit it after all of the water has fully drained, so it will take you much more time to soak into it. The walk-in tubs are design with a small chair for you to sit on.

Corner Tubs

You could place the corner soaking tubs for small bathrooms to the corner of your bathroom. Because it is located in the end of your bathroom, it will make your bathroom looks more spacious. And you could get 1 foot space larger because of the corner soaking tubs for small bathrooms position. You could also add corner vanity seats, armrest, or some jets to make your bathing experience more comfortable. The looks on the corner soaking tubs for small bathrooms will make your bathroom more luxury and comfortable.